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I'm famous for not having friends who are girls but all guys

I mean I am just a little different kinda person. For me, its easier to get along with guys than girls, thats why I just have many very good guy friend. I do have many very good girl friends but.... I do get along with girls, but not with all of them or all the time. So, anyway I do feel sad or at times odd, that I do not have many friends that are girls but again, everyone is different right. Today I spent all day at school, doing homework which apparently didn't finish, because I didn't know how to do. hahaha... And spent time at GPS thingy, and also meeting my team for my OOP class.

At around 7pm, I was heading home thats when I started talking to Ann. She is from Poland, and I have never had a Polish friend. Everytime we meet, we talk hows class going and blah blah blah.Likewise today we were talking about class, apartment, where do you live and stuff. We talked a little more about work too.I told her that I could help her find internship and stuff, and we gave each other email address. And we became friends officially because before we only used to say Hi/Hello.So, now we will be definitely talking to each other more. So, I am glad that I spent my day today in school doing HW and I made a new friend who is a girl and not a guy. hahaha......

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