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I'm trying to finish homework for my SQA/QC and also for OOP class

I am doing it but I am taking few minutes break here and there. I am motivated to finish my homeworks. But there is something going on at the back of my mind which is not giving me Peace. I am right now logged into hotmail, MSN IM, Gmail, and was logged onto Hi5 too earlier. But I am getting too much pressure in my mind, I know why it is but I can't make it to go away. I am hurt, upset, angry and stressed out but nothing is helping me.

Whatever I am typing is not making sense to me at this moment. I need to relax my mind. What should I do, may be I could go to the Gym work out or go home later, and go on a bike ride. Or its Saturday nite, so I can certainly go for out to a Club and shake my badonkadonk. hahaha......

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