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October 2nd, and my friend's VW Passat 1995

We were on our way to school after work. It was raining heavily and thats when we thought, we should get some Starbucks. We just took left turn on Cretin Avenue, heading towards Grand Avenue but suddenly, I heard this beep beep beep. I looked at my friend and said, what is that??? Then we saw a red light flashing on the Dashboard. The Red light was for Gas leak. We stopped on side and opened the hood and looked what was going on. Since both of us were not so knowledgable about cars,we decided to reach Starbucks, but we did find out that the Oil level was low. We stopped in Starbuks, called Volvoline where we did the Oil change recently.

I called the Customer Service number, and got the closest Volvoline number. Now need direction to go. We tried to connect to the internet from Starbucks but it didn't work. So, got direction from a friend of ours. It took us about 10 minutes to reach there. We explained the situation to the mechanics. The Oil level was low, so they added the oil. Thats when the mechanic told us there is an Air Leak in the engine, which is making noise while trying to start the car. There were some more problems they said, which brought stress to both of us.We had class so we just headed to school.

And today, my friend has already called so many places to find out parts and so many stuff. Went to the Dealer and found out that part is bad. The part has be replaced and it should work. But the stress still does not go away.

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