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VW Dealer in St.Louis Park and Spice Thai afterwards for dinner on Friday

It was a very busy day yesterday. Early morning to the VW Dealer in Burnsville, then we went to work. After work to another VW Dealer but this time to test drive cars. We checked out four different Passat 03-04 model and all were pretty good.Its just about the preference.

The first one was Silver color made a loud noise everything Turbo kicked in. Second one I can't even remember the color but it was good, no Sun Roof though. Third one was Fresco Green, which was good but the interior color was not that good. Fourth one was Manual Sky Blue kinda color, very nice car I thought .It was manual, had Sun Roof, interior was good. But it was not Certified, that was the only problem.(This probably is on the #1 list for Mr.DAPU, Manual Manual Manual) But after checking out so many cars, I got kinda sick. If I had checked out more cars, it might have made me throw up, yuck....The Sales Lady was busy but she was nice. She tried her best to help her 3 customers at one time but she did pretty good.

After checking out car, we headed to Venuka's place. From there all of us went for Spice Thai. I usually try Thai Fry Rice with Shrimp this time I tried Red Curry with Tofu and that was awesome. My mouth is watering, yum, I want to eat Thai again. :) After dinner, we went to back to his house. Stayed there a little longer, then said bye to everyone and specially to uncle since he is flying back to SL on Saturday.I was just so sleepy when I reached home, I watched a little bit of Jay Leno and fell asleep. Paid tuition online and went to bed at 12am.


so which car should i get... hmm hey women my name is not DAPU...

Sawasdee :-)

I just pass here from search engine :-) Have a good day...

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