November 29, 2007

It was Tuesday, I had my OO class, and after class I was home was watching TV

My best friend's phone rang, there we heard a sad news. My best friend's very special family member grandma had passed away. It was very emotional to me too. I knew how it is when you are so far away from home and things like this happens. I also started remembering when my grandma passed away two and half years back. I didn't go home but started thinking about many things, which I could have done for her. But you can't change the past but can do things to fix the things you have done.

In my friend's case, grandma has taken care of all three kids. She used to make them real good food, loved them and made sure all kids paid attention in studies. I mean hearing all that, I started being emotional, I was the one dropping tears. The Wednesday, my friend decided to fly home, again dropped the plan after thinking properly. Talked to the priest, and the priest cleared up his mind.I still feel sad that he can't go home right now. And I hope grandma soul have peace.

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November 18, 2007

All day, I was fine and just now something started bothering right after someone said something to me

I didn't really have anything to say but, I just did ummm.I don't have problem with them but again I start remembering all those old things. I mean I moved here, for different reasons, better opportunity, and a place where noone could tell me, "She is dumb(lati), she is so not social, she does make friends, does not have friends, she is so so many so's. I mean I know how I am. When I tell my friends these comments from them, they tell what, dumb and you, unsocial and you, blah blah.....

I took it without saying anything for 2 years, but after that I just couldn't. I mean I moved, I didn't bother anyone and no one should bother me. Period....

But whatever I am thinking, is just staying in my mind. Its making me feel so bad, even though I didn't do anything wrong. I could have kept contact but only I knew what I went through that time. So,I am just not looking forward to talk about that topic anymore. Just the thought even makes my eyes fill with tears.

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November 17, 2007

Life has been busier at school and also at work

Its nice to have weekends but again, they don't last long.You work for a week and when its Friday, you get excited thinking Wow!! no school and no work for 2 days. How nice is it? But I don't know how my time goes by. I get up Saturday morning, shower, get ready head to school. I stay in the school till 4-5pm, sometimes shorter and sometimes longer. So, by the way time I leave school its dark, I go home and rest for a few hours, watch tv, eat dinner. And Iget ready to go to bed. I get up next morning, and head to gym. Then by the time, I come in its already afternoon.I cook some lunch and eat and rest a bit. Then the next thing I know is,your weekend is over. I better start getting ready for work tomorrow and school for Tuesday.

Although these days, I am not doing the time management properly, time just flies..Every Friday, I think these are the thing I am going to do during the weekend but I don't seem to get those tasks all done. Its not good but it happens. I think I have to start concentrating on school more. Don't watch TV either but just focus on school. About may be 2 weeks to go, and I have tons of things to study and prepare for final before I fly out.

Flying out made me remember, I will be gone for almost a month. I will be home, with all my sisters and brothers and family and everyone.But except that one person, I want to see for the past few years. I miss him even more when I go home but when that person does not really care, why to do?,I have no choice but just say why bother?. But the truth is its easy to say why bother, and going through is not. For now thats all. I have to start working on my GUI design for another page.

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November 10, 2007

Nhu Da Ya Bhintuna, Nepal Sambat 1128

Thhusi chaye khha masyu, mohoni baley jita mhaya pusey chona. Aley thhusi, sunti na babu yaata naapa la mawona. Aley NY na mawona ka. Gathey gathey chhona chhona.Aley haana thhaun Nhu Da, jhi newa teygu. Mha Puja aley kaney la kija puja.Aley chha nimma kija piin naa:pa khhan ju e ji ka.

Nepal Sambat 1128 Ya lasataye, Yokko Yokko Bhintuna du Sakkala Newa teyta Bhintuna.

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Apart from Suv from Infiniti 2008 FX35/FX 45, Nissan Murano and Lexus Suv RX 08.

I just noticed recently, the Honda CRV(Suv) are nice looking too. Its not as hot as Infinity but still has hot look.I wonder how much it costs.I should find out in a bit.

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November 4, 2007

The day when Day Light saving happened

My alarm went off, I checked the phone, showing the usual time. I thought somehow it didn't change because its dark outside like yesterday and the day before yesterday. I turned off my phone and checked again, but its still same. I checked one of my watches, it was showing the same time too. I knew it is showing correct because I had changed that watch before I went to bed yesterday.And I just couldn't believe how dark it was outside this morning. I thought one hour extra will give me more sleep but no, I feel the same. Except I am awake early and chatted with Ren and now writing this entry. I do have some things going on in my mind, things that I have planned for today. Some things that are bothering me, sometimes makes me feel hurt, angry and sad too. But its the truth.And also some other things. Unfortunately, I'm in that one way traffic situation.

Hopefully my plan for today will go as it is planned.For now I think I need to head back to bed for a little more sleep. I have to be awake in another hour, have to get ready for the YMCA.So,for this is all.

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