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All day, I was fine and just now something started bothering right after someone said something to me

I didn't really have anything to say but, I just did ummm.I don't have problem with them but again I start remembering all those old things. I mean I moved here, for different reasons, better opportunity, and a place where noone could tell me, "She is dumb(lati), she is so not social, she does make friends, does not have friends, she is so so many so's. I mean I know how I am. When I tell my friends these comments from them, they tell what, dumb and you, unsocial and you, blah blah.....

I took it without saying anything for 2 years, but after that I just couldn't. I mean I moved, I didn't bother anyone and no one should bother me. Period....

But whatever I am thinking, is just staying in my mind. Its making me feel so bad, even though I didn't do anything wrong. I could have kept contact but only I knew what I went through that time. So,I am just not looking forward to talk about that topic anymore. Just the thought even makes my eyes fill with tears.

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