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It was Tuesday, I had my OO class, and after class I was home was watching TV

My best friend's phone rang, there we heard a sad news. My best friend's very special family member grandma had passed away. It was very emotional to me too. I knew how it is when you are so far away from home and things like this happens. I also started remembering when my grandma passed away two and half years back. I didn't go home but started thinking about many things, which I could have done for her. But you can't change the past but can do things to fix the things you have done.

In my friend's case, grandma has taken care of all three kids. She used to make them real good food, loved them and made sure all kids paid attention in studies. I mean hearing all that, I started being emotional, I was the one dropping tears. The Wednesday, my friend decided to fly home, again dropped the plan after thinking properly. Talked to the priest, and the priest cleared up his mind.I still feel sad that he can't go home right now. And I hope grandma soul have peace.

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