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The day when Day Light saving happened

My alarm went off, I checked the phone, showing the usual time. I thought somehow it didn't change because its dark outside like yesterday and the day before yesterday. I turned off my phone and checked again, but its still same. I checked one of my watches, it was showing the same time too. I knew it is showing correct because I had changed that watch before I went to bed yesterday.And I just couldn't believe how dark it was outside this morning. I thought one hour extra will give me more sleep but no, I feel the same. Except I am awake early and chatted with Ren and now writing this entry. I do have some things going on in my mind, things that I have planned for today. Some things that are bothering me, sometimes makes me feel hurt, angry and sad too. But its the truth.And also some other things. Unfortunately, I'm in that one way traffic situation.

Hopefully my plan for today will go as it is planned.For now I think I need to head back to bed for a little more sleep. I have to be awake in another hour, have to get ready for the YMCA.So,for this is all.

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