December 9, 2007

Finally its almost there, 2 finals and there its time

Can't wait to get done with finals man.Ohhhh god, everytime I think about it, I start thinking about so many things. :)

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December 7, 2007

Thanks to all of those who wrote comments in my blog

I appreciate you all for writing comments, everyone has different views for different things, and its kinda fun to read those. Thanks and hope to see more comments.

**Be an optimist,have positive attitude,it helps a lot in every step of your life.It might be hard to achieve but having positive attitude helps a lot.**

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Finally that day is getting closer and closer

I am excited at the same time there is some sort of stress, worry and all other stuff. Hopefully it will all be fine.We all try and hope for the best.Past few weeks have been really crazy, busy with school, work, status, visa everything. But its in a way fun, days are passing so fast don't even know how the time is flying. But at this point, my goal is to study hard, take finals on Monday and Tuesday well, then fly home on Wednesday. Things will all be different for a month, then I will be back again in my all exciting life with exciting stuff, hehe.
Goodluck to me. :)

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