January 27, 2008

My sleepless nights are killing me

For the past two weeks, sleeping cycle is not going on right.I am trying to get into good sleeping cycle,it broke again. Last night,I couldn't fall asleep and was awake till 1-2am most probably.I tried and tried and tried,finally fell asleep but the next thing I know is I woke up at 6am.And I woke up sleepy and I couldn't plan anything for the day.


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January 21, 2008

Interesting day over all, at one point a little depressing though

At around 11 am, my phone rang, an Unknown call, there was a guy talking in the other end. I was doing Hello!, Hello, but the person didn't hear. He hung up, I thought who could this be? At first I thought it was Atul, but then I thought its someone else. I called him but it was not him. I said, ok thats fine then, bye. I started telling myself why did I call?, I was mad at myself.

I was working, at noon, I decided to call babu. I told him, he didn't go over the minutes but it was due to roaming. And I finally decided to tell you, about the phone bill, long 34 pages long bill for a month. He was laughing but I scolded him, we talked for few minutes, said bye.

Time goes by, I am feeling sleepy. At the same time, my friend at another end, tells me he is so bored, sleepy. Even said, "I slept in my cube". I just couldn't stop myself and started laughing. I started giving him ideas on how he should spend his time at work because he was bored. After we met, he told me he had fallen asleep and ........That was so funny, funny I laughed so hard, my laugh made me laugh haha.....

By the way, this morning on the way to work, I was listening to KDWB 101.3, the station had a singer who was telling about her nite club experience, how she made out with three guys in a night. It was hilarious the way she was saying, and the other guy was telling things about her. Not that I am like that but it was fun to listen to that.

So, finally after sitting in the car for hours, on the way back from work to home, I was listening to KDWB again. Topic, people with allergies, some have with cold, some have with changing season, some have with beer.Haha....
But well, I just wanted to reach home quickly, I was extremely sleepy and hungry. Finally reached home, ate something quick.

Around 8pm,Subi was online. we started talking. At first, I thought she was angry with me for some reason.But she wasn't, we kept talking and she told me something she never had told. We talked for few minutes but since she had a class, we decided to talk later. Then after that I started talking to Bipul, a brother of mine.

Now I am watching a TV serial, I don't know its name but its interesting, funny too. Thats all for today.
Quote of the Day : There is enough tuna around. This was said in response to "I haven't found a guy yet".

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January 20, 2008

Just got back from home and already counting days and planning for another trip

Some people might think its crazy but its not crazy at all. I am going to meet my family, my friends, all my bros and sis, whom I can spend and have fun with. Well if time permits, and I am lucky enough I will reach home as I have planned during mohoni time. Natra sa woni ji u sa, Sonti baley woni. If not mohoni then December no matter what.

I can't waste more days, this is the time when I can spend time with all my bros and sis. Once everyone has a career, things change. Only can miss the good old days.

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One of the coldest weekend of this year when I got shocked looking at the phone bill

Friday night, the temperature started to drop and by Saturday morning it was really cold. There was a weather warning for Minnesotans, not to get out unless its necessary, thank god it was weekend. But anyway woke up really early morning at 3:30am or so. I couldn't fall asleep anymore, too many of too much things started to come in my mind. I tried and tried but couldn't fall asleep and those things never left my mind. Slowly, I started feeling really weird and then I realize I was feeling really lonely too.So, lonely that......................

No matter how I was feeling, I started making some food, the food was tasty, ate and finally fell asleep at 4pm. By that time, I was so tired,but I got a good few hours sleep. I woke up, that loneliness was a little bit gone. I woke up, did what I was doing before,looked at the one month phone bill which happens to be 34 pages long. I was out of the country but the bill was super long. I mean I just couldn't believe to my eyes, that one can talk to a same person for more than 5000 minutes in a month. I think thats just too much.

I don't even have words to say what I think about that. Over 5000 minutes meaning 84 hours, which means 4 days. If you count it right, either you have to be talking 4 days all 24 hours without doing anything. And if you are sleeping and doing work for 12 hours, you are talking for the rest of the 12 hours and you are doing the same thing for the 8 days. Crazy, very crazy, how can people talk that much over the phone with the same person. I guess even though I am a talker, I don't talk over the phone more than 1000-2000 minutes maximum in a month. I don't understand over 6000 minutes in a month. I have got better things to do than talk over the phone and my ears would go crazy talking and listening that much. I would spent that many hours doing something productive than talking over the phone.

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January 18, 2008

Its too early to write anything in my blog but just want to enter something.

I haven't thought what I will be writing yet but fingers are typing and I am letting it flow on its own. What am I going to type? Of course, bored, missing those moments, want to just dream and watch those things. I can watch some of those moments again and again since some of those are captured in the videos. Some makes you laugh and some makes you want to go back to that moment. Either way, I should be happy I have got so many pictures and videos, although some videos give me motion sickness because they are shaky. Right now I just watched the videos from Pokhara and they have made me sick to my stomach. Feeling weird, thinking why I watched it right now, but I did. Hehe....

TBD later, one of the season's cold days are here. I just want to stay home and eat momo and all good food from home.

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January 16, 2008

First day of work after 5 weeks January 16th,08

I reach work at 9am, to my surprise, I have been kicked out from my office. I have been moved to a different location. More than that someone has stolen my two 19 inch LCD monitors. I found it very rude, was really upset but I was too tired to say anything. Did say something but I was really serious about it but pissed really pissed. How can you steal something like?

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Waiting in Zurich airport on the way back to US, January 14th, 08

Writing some lines for my blog, so I can upload it right after I reach my apartment. Leaving home this time was hard though.I am in the Zürich airport, feeling sleepy, and stomach is not doing good either.Just alone waiting for my next flight to Zürich - JFK.Then got 2 more JFK- O'Hare Int'l, O'Hare - MSP. Then I will be in my city. In one way good, that I will be there because the traveling will be done but again distance from home will increase by thousands of miles.

TBD can't type anymore, too tired

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Interview date January 4th,08 and January 7th,08 when I got my passport back

January 4th and 7th,08
Today is my interview date the 4th, a little bit nervous since 7 years back this was the second day, my visa was refused. This year. I knew I would get it but still stomach was a little upset. Interview was at 11am, but to my surprise, I was told to come at 1pm, there is some technical problems in the Embassy. I said ok, in the meantime dad and myself went to NMC to see Shila tamaa:. We reached the Embassy at 1pm, but again I had to wait. It was almost 2pm, when they called people from 11am. I stayed in the line, went in again line, went in and again line. Finally I was sitting, I was thinking dad must be really hungry. Poor dad, he had to take all over, stupid daughter who can't ride a motorbike. But thats when my name was called, earlier than I thought they would.

The consular asked me some questions where I studied and asked me one more question and said, come on Monday to pick up your passport. But he did tell me something made me laugh. He apologized to me for all those days I spent and worked applying for visa. Haha…took less than 5 minutes, very quick interview got done and I was happy. I went outside told dad what happened, I didn’t expect the consular would say that to me but I was happy to hear what he said.

On Monday, I went the Embassy to get the passport at 11:30am, took less than 5 minutes, hehe..Before going to the Embassy, dropped in to Namu's house. Met her parents and brother, they all were cool.

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January 3rd, 08 not ready yet but have started doing it

Now I am counting days, in few days I will be flying out to USA. This time I had so much fun and still having fun in Kathmandu, feels like its time to come back. I have never been this sure but now I think I am sure I want to be back in another few years. The six years and USA had brought a lot of distance in my family, my sisters. My sister Nhasala and myself were so close before.

But this year, I don't know if its because she is busy or because of some other reason, I felt the distance has increased a lot and connection has decreased. I felt really sad, but the truth is when you are abroad, you don't get to celebrate all the festivals together, hang out with them all the time, it happens. I look back and think, how can I bring that connection back, I can but its not like when you are in the same place. But we will see what happens in the future. But the thing no matter where I am, I will always love my family, and beautiful small country where I can call my home.

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The last day of year 2007 and trip to Pokhara

We packed clothes, some food for 3 days to head to Pokhara. Ren chha couldn’t come even after all, I was really pissed. Instead we invited Sarina. I was really mad at Ren chha though coz she was the one who wanted to go to Pokhara since she has never gone. I was a little worried how the trip would be but it was way better than how I thought it would be. We were 15 people including the drive and the conductor. Myself, Bhadra dai, Hisila, Rupagya, Ichhyangkush, Sarina, David were the kids. David oh man that kid, really funny.

We went to so many unplanned places. We started off with Begnastal, Seti Nadi, Mahendragufa, Davis Fall, Fewatal, Shanti Stupa, Bandipur, Museum and Sarangkot. We had fun each and every place. We eat so much, there was nothing we didn’t eat hahah….

We stayed in a really crappy hotel because the good rooms were booked. But we still had tons of fun.

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Picnic to Namra on December 29th,07

All of the woke up early and got ready to go on a picnic to Namra. We went in four cars from Thahity. In Koteshor, we changed the sitting arrangement and passengers. Bhadra dai came to the van I was in and mom went to the one where ninis were. So, one van was full of us kids, Bhadra dai, myself, babu, Bibhusa, Hisila and Nhasala.

We talked shared jokes, and finally we reached. We hiked up to the main Gompa where the status of the King is. We took pictures, we walked here and there all over. It was a lot of fun. We had varieties of food, drinks, and music and a lot of fun. After the breakfast and lunch, we headed back. That's when all the fun began.

The van that we were in wouldn't climb uphill, kept coming backwards. We thought too many passengers heavy ones. Hisila and Bhadra dai got down, and then myself, Nhasala and Bibhusa and babu all of us. The car finally climbed uphill, and we were making jokes of each other. Myself and Hisila were making each others fun, coz we are the faaat ones there.

And for the real lunch, we headed to Dhudikhel, there were so many people who came for picnic. We headed to a second spot, same thing. Finally we decided we will go to a different spot. But there were also people on a picnic. We had our lunch, hung out, went around to find toilet hahaha.....It was overall a real fun day.

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Meeting my good old friend Atul after playing hide and seek, December 25, 2007

Finally after playing hide and seek, I met Atul, a friend of mine from very long time. Not a friend from school, neighbor but a friend whom I met in tuition.He seemed to be a guy who is friendly, didn't care whether I was a girl or a guy, but talked. We stayed in contact and till this day, we are friends. We talk about life, studies and everything. This year, I hadn't talked to him much, and so before I left for home, I didn't kinda tell him that I will be in KTM for a month. I came and gave him a call, he was surprised and all. I told him Call me when you are free ok. But he didn't since was thinking it was a dream.

I again called him day before yesterday and he had a little bit of attitude I don't know why. I even told him, why are you showing me attitude?, Do you not want to meet me? If that's the case, tell me straight. At least I know the truth, and I don't want to take anyone's time. I am here, you are my friend from so long time, I would love to meet you but if you don't that's fine. He promised to call me the next morning; I waited till 10am and told babu to wait.

Babu came to Pau chhen around 11:30am; but told me Atul didn't call. I thought he might have called later so may be I would call him. I dialed his Mobile number, and there he was, at home. I told him Lets meet now, is that ok? I am at my Pau chhen. In the next 15-20 minutes in front of Kasthamandab, we decided to meet. He made me wait for few minutes but since babu was standing with me, it was fine. We met, didn't know where to go. He had to meet a friend of his in Mangal Bazaar and that's where we headed.

Before that's we stopped in Alina's Bakery, we talked for an hour or so. While talking, I asked him why he was different this time. He told me how tensed he is these days, with his project, his job and everything else. I felt really bad and sad at the same time, I wish I could help him someway. I wanted to apologize for telling him, he was showing me attitude but I didn't. I just stayed quiet but nothing. And one thing, I felt bad was, right when I met him, I told myself Oh god, how did I forget to bring anything for him? At least a souvenir, but no I didn't get anything for him. He did mention as joke too, taile malai k lyaes. But I said sorry yaar, didn't get anything for ya, next time for sure hai.

I gave him a compliment; he was looking really good, fairer than before and was looking nice in a different way. We came back from Yela around 6pm, then stopped again in front of Kasthamandab, talked for few minutes and headed home. After meeting I realized why I thought he was showing an attitude, how wrong I was. Good luck to my good old friend.

To Be Continued.......................

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One week after reaching Ktm, December 23rd, 07

Last Saturday and Sunday, I met Rishma. Then I called all friends and also met Purnima yesterday. I called all my friends to tell I am here or emailed them. I called Namrata, Sandeep, Rabindra, Atul, Sharmila, Purnima, Dipesh Man, Vivek, Prashant, but so far met Rishma and Purnima my childhood friends. Still planning to meet Sharmila but haven’t. I think I have realized that you can’t call friends to everyone, everyone is busy and no one really cares to meet you.

I don’t know if it’s only me or its everybody. Feel a little sad but there is nothing I can do. I am having great time with my family but friends, no clue. I am getting little bit bored thinking how unfortunate to have friends but not wanting to meet or some want to but are too busy. I love, respect and always up ready for friends but they are never to me like that.

Starting to feel, I want to go back soon, but again I am spending a lot of time at home with mom, dad and brother, which is priceless

To be continued……………………..

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Before dinner at Bahini nini's, December 20th, 2007

After few long flights and transits, I finally reached home. Now I am here typing few lines of stuff to enter in my blog. I have become so lazy here, I don’t want to do anything but sleep that’s all. I had lunch, it was tasty, now in the sun, giving some sun to the boday and hair. Feeling sleepy though, in few minutes, will take shower and then stay in the sun again. Tonight have to go to Bahini nini’s house.

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December 15th,07 the day I celebrated my birthday after 6 years with all my family

Everyone came home had fun. Met Rishma too, it was fun after all.

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Shopping, and hanging out in Delhi after two years December 14th, 07

I reached Delhi around 1am, thought the line in customs will be short but that was not the case. I stayed in the line for almost an hour, and then looked for my luggage. Luckily, I got it without any problem. Then tried to reach OmPrakash uncle, he saw me and called me. Then we headed to their house. It took a while to reach there since there was a lil traffic on the road that late around 2am.

Drank some coffee, ate some cookies and slept. Next morning, woke up then went to meet grandma uncles mom, we all had puri and alu tarkari for breakfast. I and Isha then headed to shop. The traffic was so bad; we were stucked in the traffic. Finally after almost 2 hours, we reached the mall. We went to eat something Indian but the food was not great. So, we ate some Chinese food. We had ice cream too then headed to walk around the mall. After few hours, we headed to a different place. Both of us bought purse, then called it for the day and ate some momo and went home. I had the flight earning morning the next day, so went to bed early. I had to get up by 4am so couldn’t fall asleep at all. But made it on time and reached KTM at around 9am. Saw mom, dad, Ren chha and got emotional and dropped some tears. We all came and started talking about all other stuff. Called almost everyone to let them know I am in KTM. Dad invited everyone next day so waited for that.

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My second trip home in December 12th, 2007 waiting for my flight in Zurich

I started my journey from MSP international Airport at 9:45am. My flight was from MSP Int'l to O'Hare International, Chicago, little over an hour. Before I boarded, I had a small pizza as breakfast/lunch. The person next to me was Dave, who worked in the Department of Correction for USA in St.Louis, IL. We started talking about different stuff. While talking I realized this is a person who has traveled a lot all over the world with his wife. Seemed like a very nice man. We talked about languages, culture, school, jobs and also about American. He is an American and being an American, he is one of those who thinks, that Americans expect entire world to speak English but they don't want to learn any second language. Everyone knows about it, some very few Americans admit it but not most. He got off in Chicago, and I was in the plane for about 1 hour. I called babu, and Suvechya was also on phone so we all talked until my flight took off to JFK.

I landed in JFK, had about 2 hours of transit, was wondering around in Duty Free store before I found the Terminal 39. I looked for a Pearl for mom, it was $109 without discount, with discount it was about $80. I thought about it, I know mom mentioned about liking Pearl but again recently she has mentioned, I don't know kinda, that's like my mom anyway. So, I called babu to ask what I should do. He kinda gave me an idea good but again how many times she might wear and it's a little yes expensive. So, I headed to think again so went around to find some food since I was so hungry. Couldn't find anything, saw a restaurant went and looked. Seafood soup was what I wanted to have but unfortunately it wasn't available that day. I said ok then forget it I will eat a bag a chips then in airplane.

At about 4:45pm or so, boarded, the plane in the ground for about an hour to take off since the run away was not clear for us yet. After few hours dinner started, there into my surprise the air hostess said, what would you like Lasagna or Pasta. I asked do they have meat. TO my surprise she said yes. I said ummm, there is nothing vegetarian coz I had ordered but she said I don't have anything for you. Now what, I haven't had anything for the whole day except that small bag of chips and a small pizza in the morning. I just ate little salad, with a bag of cookies and bread which came with it. Didn't want to but had to. I tried to sleep, the flight felt really long it was less than 8 hours but was boy too long.

IT was my first time in AA; I don't think I want to fly again in AA anymore though. Seats were not the most comfortable ones, the radios don't work in seats unless you hold the ear phones, and also there are no TV screens in the seat. Huh nice very nice. And with not having food it was terrible. But the best part about the flight was my neighbor sitting beside me. She just looked like a very nice girl, slim and really tall. I started talking, it was a lot fun, we didn't realize after that how time passed. She had the same kinda thinking about different stuff as we Asians or I at least think about. We talked exchanged email addresses too. Now I have a reason to come ad visit Switzerland, I am so excited.

We landed at around 7:07 am Zurich, Swiss time. Then I had to look for some flight info so I said bye to her. Then I met this one American couple and we started walking around together to find Gates, and also different information. The lady wife is from Syracuse, NY and he husband from NYC. They both are like photographer and researcher something. Nice people, we talked and shared about different stuff. They were going to Tanzania for business and pleasure. They have been living there for the past ten years and now they have bought house in here. They left around 2 hours ago and now I am here wondering. Bought a key ring for mom for $14 almost which is 14 Swiss Franc (CF 14) and also a shot glass may be I can give to my hondama yaluwa. I am still waiting, probably few more hours to go. That's all for now, started to feel sleepy a little coz its 2am my time which is CST. Hopefully I will get to eat some good Veg food in the flight; I am so hungry now, ate a croissant in the airport too. Almost 8 more hours flight, before that 2 more hours of transit may be. Hopefully when I reach Delhi, I get my all stuff, and then I will feel all relief before flying home on Saturday morning.

To be continued.............................

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