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Shopping, and hanging out in Delhi after two years December 14th, 07

I reached Delhi around 1am, thought the line in customs will be short but that was not the case. I stayed in the line for almost an hour, and then looked for my luggage. Luckily, I got it without any problem. Then tried to reach OmPrakash uncle, he saw me and called me. Then we headed to their house. It took a while to reach there since there was a lil traffic on the road that late around 2am.

Drank some coffee, ate some cookies and slept. Next morning, woke up then went to meet grandma uncles mom, we all had puri and alu tarkari for breakfast. I and Isha then headed to shop. The traffic was so bad; we were stucked in the traffic. Finally after almost 2 hours, we reached the mall. We went to eat something Indian but the food was not great. So, we ate some Chinese food. We had ice cream too then headed to walk around the mall. After few hours, we headed to a different place. Both of us bought purse, then called it for the day and ate some momo and went home. I had the flight earning morning the next day, so went to bed early. I had to get up by 4am so couldn’t fall asleep at all. But made it on time and reached KTM at around 9am. Saw mom, dad, Ren chha and got emotional and dropped some tears. We all came and started talking about all other stuff. Called almost everyone to let them know I am in KTM. Dad invited everyone next day so waited for that.

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