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Interesting day over all, at one point a little depressing though

At around 11 am, my phone rang, an Unknown call, there was a guy talking in the other end. I was doing Hello!, Hello, but the person didn't hear. He hung up, I thought who could this be? At first I thought it was Atul, but then I thought its someone else. I called him but it was not him. I said, ok thats fine then, bye. I started telling myself why did I call?, I was mad at myself.

I was working, at noon, I decided to call babu. I told him, he didn't go over the minutes but it was due to roaming. And I finally decided to tell you, about the phone bill, long 34 pages long bill for a month. He was laughing but I scolded him, we talked for few minutes, said bye.

Time goes by, I am feeling sleepy. At the same time, my friend at another end, tells me he is so bored, sleepy. Even said, "I slept in my cube". I just couldn't stop myself and started laughing. I started giving him ideas on how he should spend his time at work because he was bored. After we met, he told me he had fallen asleep and ........That was so funny, funny I laughed so hard, my laugh made me laugh haha.....

By the way, this morning on the way to work, I was listening to KDWB 101.3, the station had a singer who was telling about her nite club experience, how she made out with three guys in a night. It was hilarious the way she was saying, and the other guy was telling things about her. Not that I am like that but it was fun to listen to that.

So, finally after sitting in the car for hours, on the way back from work to home, I was listening to KDWB again. Topic, people with allergies, some have with cold, some have with changing season, some have with beer.Haha....
But well, I just wanted to reach home quickly, I was extremely sleepy and hungry. Finally reached home, ate something quick.

Around 8pm,Subi was online. we started talking. At first, I thought she was angry with me for some reason.But she wasn't, we kept talking and she told me something she never had told. We talked for few minutes but since she had a class, we decided to talk later. Then after that I started talking to Bipul, a brother of mine.

Now I am watching a TV serial, I don't know its name but its interesting, funny too. Thats all for today.
Quote of the Day : There is enough tuna around. This was said in response to "I haven't found a guy yet".

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