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Interview date January 4th,08 and January 7th,08 when I got my passport back

January 4th and 7th,08
Today is my interview date the 4th, a little bit nervous since 7 years back this was the second day, my visa was refused. This year. I knew I would get it but still stomach was a little upset. Interview was at 11am, but to my surprise, I was told to come at 1pm, there is some technical problems in the Embassy. I said ok, in the meantime dad and myself went to NMC to see Shila tamaa:. We reached the Embassy at 1pm, but again I had to wait. It was almost 2pm, when they called people from 11am. I stayed in the line, went in again line, went in and again line. Finally I was sitting, I was thinking dad must be really hungry. Poor dad, he had to take all over, stupid daughter who can't ride a motorbike. But thats when my name was called, earlier than I thought they would.

The consular asked me some questions where I studied and asked me one more question and said, come on Monday to pick up your passport. But he did tell me something made me laugh. He apologized to me for all those days I spent and worked applying for visa. Haha…took less than 5 minutes, very quick interview got done and I was happy. I went outside told dad what happened, I didn’t expect the consular would say that to me but I was happy to hear what he said.

On Monday, I went the Embassy to get the passport at 11:30am, took less than 5 minutes, hehe..Before going to the Embassy, dropped in to Namu's house. Met her parents and brother, they all were cool.

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