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Its too early to write anything in my blog but just want to enter something.

I haven't thought what I will be writing yet but fingers are typing and I am letting it flow on its own. What am I going to type? Of course, bored, missing those moments, want to just dream and watch those things. I can watch some of those moments again and again since some of those are captured in the videos. Some makes you laugh and some makes you want to go back to that moment. Either way, I should be happy I have got so many pictures and videos, although some videos give me motion sickness because they are shaky. Right now I just watched the videos from Pokhara and they have made me sick to my stomach. Feeling weird, thinking why I watched it right now, but I did. Hehe....

TBD later, one of the season's cold days are here. I just want to stay home and eat momo and all good food from home.

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