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Meeting my good old friend Atul after playing hide and seek, December 25, 2007

Finally after playing hide and seek, I met Atul, a friend of mine from very long time. Not a friend from school, neighbor but a friend whom I met in tuition.He seemed to be a guy who is friendly, didn't care whether I was a girl or a guy, but talked. We stayed in contact and till this day, we are friends. We talk about life, studies and everything. This year, I hadn't talked to him much, and so before I left for home, I didn't kinda tell him that I will be in KTM for a month. I came and gave him a call, he was surprised and all. I told him Call me when you are free ok. But he didn't since was thinking it was a dream.

I again called him day before yesterday and he had a little bit of attitude I don't know why. I even told him, why are you showing me attitude?, Do you not want to meet me? If that's the case, tell me straight. At least I know the truth, and I don't want to take anyone's time. I am here, you are my friend from so long time, I would love to meet you but if you don't that's fine. He promised to call me the next morning; I waited till 10am and told babu to wait.

Babu came to Pau chhen around 11:30am; but told me Atul didn't call. I thought he might have called later so may be I would call him. I dialed his Mobile number, and there he was, at home. I told him Lets meet now, is that ok? I am at my Pau chhen. In the next 15-20 minutes in front of Kasthamandab, we decided to meet. He made me wait for few minutes but since babu was standing with me, it was fine. We met, didn't know where to go. He had to meet a friend of his in Mangal Bazaar and that's where we headed.

Before that's we stopped in Alina's Bakery, we talked for an hour or so. While talking, I asked him why he was different this time. He told me how tensed he is these days, with his project, his job and everything else. I felt really bad and sad at the same time, I wish I could help him someway. I wanted to apologize for telling him, he was showing me attitude but I didn't. I just stayed quiet but nothing. And one thing, I felt bad was, right when I met him, I told myself Oh god, how did I forget to bring anything for him? At least a souvenir, but no I didn't get anything for him. He did mention as joke too, taile malai k lyaes. But I said sorry yaar, didn't get anything for ya, next time for sure hai.

I gave him a compliment; he was looking really good, fairer than before and was looking nice in a different way. We came back from Yela around 6pm, then stopped again in front of Kasthamandab, talked for few minutes and headed home. After meeting I realized why I thought he was showing an attitude, how wrong I was. Good luck to my good old friend.

To Be Continued.......................


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