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My second trip home in December 12th, 2007 waiting for my flight in Zurich

I started my journey from MSP international Airport at 9:45am. My flight was from MSP Int'l to O'Hare International, Chicago, little over an hour. Before I boarded, I had a small pizza as breakfast/lunch. The person next to me was Dave, who worked in the Department of Correction for USA in St.Louis, IL. We started talking about different stuff. While talking I realized this is a person who has traveled a lot all over the world with his wife. Seemed like a very nice man. We talked about languages, culture, school, jobs and also about American. He is an American and being an American, he is one of those who thinks, that Americans expect entire world to speak English but they don't want to learn any second language. Everyone knows about it, some very few Americans admit it but not most. He got off in Chicago, and I was in the plane for about 1 hour. I called babu, and Suvechya was also on phone so we all talked until my flight took off to JFK.

I landed in JFK, had about 2 hours of transit, was wondering around in Duty Free store before I found the Terminal 39. I looked for a Pearl for mom, it was $109 without discount, with discount it was about $80. I thought about it, I know mom mentioned about liking Pearl but again recently she has mentioned, I don't know kinda, that's like my mom anyway. So, I called babu to ask what I should do. He kinda gave me an idea good but again how many times she might wear and it's a little yes expensive. So, I headed to think again so went around to find some food since I was so hungry. Couldn't find anything, saw a restaurant went and looked. Seafood soup was what I wanted to have but unfortunately it wasn't available that day. I said ok then forget it I will eat a bag a chips then in airplane.

At about 4:45pm or so, boarded, the plane in the ground for about an hour to take off since the run away was not clear for us yet. After few hours dinner started, there into my surprise the air hostess said, what would you like Lasagna or Pasta. I asked do they have meat. TO my surprise she said yes. I said ummm, there is nothing vegetarian coz I had ordered but she said I don't have anything for you. Now what, I haven't had anything for the whole day except that small bag of chips and a small pizza in the morning. I just ate little salad, with a bag of cookies and bread which came with it. Didn't want to but had to. I tried to sleep, the flight felt really long it was less than 8 hours but was boy too long.

IT was my first time in AA; I don't think I want to fly again in AA anymore though. Seats were not the most comfortable ones, the radios don't work in seats unless you hold the ear phones, and also there are no TV screens in the seat. Huh nice very nice. And with not having food it was terrible. But the best part about the flight was my neighbor sitting beside me. She just looked like a very nice girl, slim and really tall. I started talking, it was a lot fun, we didn't realize after that how time passed. She had the same kinda thinking about different stuff as we Asians or I at least think about. We talked exchanged email addresses too. Now I have a reason to come ad visit Switzerland, I am so excited.

We landed at around 7:07 am Zurich, Swiss time. Then I had to look for some flight info so I said bye to her. Then I met this one American couple and we started walking around together to find Gates, and also different information. The lady wife is from Syracuse, NY and he husband from NYC. They both are like photographer and researcher something. Nice people, we talked and shared about different stuff. They were going to Tanzania for business and pleasure. They have been living there for the past ten years and now they have bought house in here. They left around 2 hours ago and now I am here wondering. Bought a key ring for mom for $14 almost which is 14 Swiss Franc (CF 14) and also a shot glass may be I can give to my hondama yaluwa. I am still waiting, probably few more hours to go. That's all for now, started to feel sleepy a little coz its 2am my time which is CST. Hopefully I will get to eat some good Veg food in the flight; I am so hungry now, ate a croissant in the airport too. Almost 8 more hours flight, before that 2 more hours of transit may be. Hopefully when I reach Delhi, I get my all stuff, and then I will feel all relief before flying home on Saturday morning.

To be continued.............................

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