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One of the coldest weekend of this year when I got shocked looking at the phone bill

Friday night, the temperature started to drop and by Saturday morning it was really cold. There was a weather warning for Minnesotans, not to get out unless its necessary, thank god it was weekend. But anyway woke up really early morning at 3:30am or so. I couldn't fall asleep anymore, too many of too much things started to come in my mind. I tried and tried but couldn't fall asleep and those things never left my mind. Slowly, I started feeling really weird and then I realize I was feeling really lonely too.So, lonely that......................

No matter how I was feeling, I started making some food, the food was tasty, ate and finally fell asleep at 4pm. By that time, I was so tired,but I got a good few hours sleep. I woke up, that loneliness was a little bit gone. I woke up, did what I was doing before,looked at the one month phone bill which happens to be 34 pages long. I was out of the country but the bill was super long. I mean I just couldn't believe to my eyes, that one can talk to a same person for more than 5000 minutes in a month. I think thats just too much.

I don't even have words to say what I think about that. Over 5000 minutes meaning 84 hours, which means 4 days. If you count it right, either you have to be talking 4 days all 24 hours without doing anything. And if you are sleeping and doing work for 12 hours, you are talking for the rest of the 12 hours and you are doing the same thing for the 8 days. Crazy, very crazy, how can people talk that much over the phone with the same person. I guess even though I am a talker, I don't talk over the phone more than 1000-2000 minutes maximum in a month. I don't understand over 6000 minutes in a month. I have got better things to do than talk over the phone and my ears would go crazy talking and listening that much. I would spent that many hours doing something productive than talking over the phone.

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