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One week after reaching Ktm, December 23rd, 07

Last Saturday and Sunday, I met Rishma. Then I called all friends and also met Purnima yesterday. I called all my friends to tell I am here or emailed them. I called Namrata, Sandeep, Rabindra, Atul, Sharmila, Purnima, Dipesh Man, Vivek, Prashant, but so far met Rishma and Purnima my childhood friends. Still planning to meet Sharmila but haven’t. I think I have realized that you can’t call friends to everyone, everyone is busy and no one really cares to meet you.

I don’t know if it’s only me or its everybody. Feel a little sad but there is nothing I can do. I am having great time with my family but friends, no clue. I am getting little bit bored thinking how unfortunate to have friends but not wanting to meet or some want to but are too busy. I love, respect and always up ready for friends but they are never to me like that.

Starting to feel, I want to go back soon, but again I am spending a lot of time at home with mom, dad and brother, which is priceless

To be continued……………………..

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