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Picnic to Namra on December 29th,07

All of the woke up early and got ready to go on a picnic to Namra. We went in four cars from Thahity. In Koteshor, we changed the sitting arrangement and passengers. Bhadra dai came to the van I was in and mom went to the one where ninis were. So, one van was full of us kids, Bhadra dai, myself, babu, Bibhusa, Hisila and Nhasala.

We talked shared jokes, and finally we reached. We hiked up to the main Gompa where the status of the King is. We took pictures, we walked here and there all over. It was a lot of fun. We had varieties of food, drinks, and music and a lot of fun. After the breakfast and lunch, we headed back. That's when all the fun began.

The van that we were in wouldn't climb uphill, kept coming backwards. We thought too many passengers heavy ones. Hisila and Bhadra dai got down, and then myself, Nhasala and Bibhusa and babu all of us. The car finally climbed uphill, and we were making jokes of each other. Myself and Hisila were making each others fun, coz we are the faaat ones there.

And for the real lunch, we headed to Dhudikhel, there were so many people who came for picnic. We headed to a second spot, same thing. Finally we decided we will go to a different spot. But there were also people on a picnic. We had our lunch, hung out, went around to find toilet hahaha.....It was overall a real fun day.

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