February 23, 2008

Saturday almost done and I am still searching cars online

Finally, last week I went to the Dealer to look for cars.I did look for some online too.We did test drive only one car since it was too cold to be outside,looked at few.Came home,thought a bit and blah blah.

Now its a week already,I am still looking at the cars online in the side.I know what I want to buy,but some are too expensive for me and some I want to buy but the records do not look good.This is getting really hard now.When am I am going to get one? Its high time, waited enough.

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February 18, 2008

At this point,I just want to forget all the worries,pain,sadness and have fun

Somethings are going right and some are not.That is what life is all about Correct.Yes and I am not complaining about it at all. All I want to have right now is a bit fun,take my stress away.I'm a fun loving person,usually stay away from pain,stress,worries.I can handle those easily but sometimes it does not work that way I believe.

Oh well, lets see what I can do for fun this week.Yes,work on my scripts, LMControlArea and now work on rest of the General,Triggers and Programs tab.Work is going alright,I'm liking it,except I need to be better,the best.Oh my god, what am I writing,I am supposed to write about fun man.Ok,I am trying to remember which movie I am thinking about going this Friday.Don't remember the name,I know its about Dance.I think DAPU knows about it.

May be I should listen to some music.That sounds great. Yeahhhhhhhhh

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After playing hide and seek,finally talked to the Nurse

She had called me this morning but since my phone was in my jacket, couldn't reach it on time, I missed the call.So,I called her back but even after 2 attempts,kept going to the Voice Mail.Finally before leaving work,I called again.She told me how the reports came.She said,"You might have to see a Gynecologist".I said why? Is there anything serious?She said,You have Fibroid.Fibroid,something I have read very very little,but didn't really know what exactly it is.

Although the name explains a bit but does not really tell you all its symptoms and problems it can cause.While she was telling me,I started surfing in the net.I read a bit,didn't think how serious it could be,I'm reading right now,and I just can't believe I have it.I mean I have always been so healthy,until I started having back problems after working in EmpowerMX.

I usually eat healthy,not lazy,I do what I need to.Except after moving to MN,I gained weight..But getting back to the point,for the past few days,I have been sad,worried,feeling lonely everything,with this terrible sinus headache and added up this Medical Report.I haven't told anybody in my family about the problem yet.I don't know if I should or shouldn't.I usually do not get emotional,but after reading about it,tears are flowing out of my eyes automatically.I have worked so hard,tried to do everything right,to reach where I am,to be what I am today.

Now I won't feel good until I see a doctor.Good Luck to me.

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February 14, 2008

Never thought I will feel this way and will ever be writing something like this but I am

I have been pretty sad and upset deep down from a while.I can't believe how pathetic,boring my life has become.I don't even know how to express how I feel anymore.I don't always think or feel this way like this but today I felt the worst.I already was feeling sad deep down inside,I read something that made me more sad.Happy for them but just the feeling.....I guess this is what happens when you are S_ _ _ _ e.Don't know, life is nothing like before anymore.Today is one of those days,I don't know why I am feeling this sad.I got my tasks accomplished but at the end of the day,I'm again thinking about stupid things which is making me feel sad.

But no matter how I'm feeling,what I am thinking about,I did ok all day.After work,I came home,cooker rice,fish steak curry,broccoli,sprats(fish),eggs with a touch of wine and had dinner with my best friend.Thats my day for today.I will try to write something interesting which is fun to read and not pathetically sad.

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Timberwolves Vs Lakers on Feb 13th,08

Finally after running around,I boughts ticket for myself and for my friend.We were really excited about the game.All day at work, thinking about the game at 7pm.Everything went as planned,after work had dinner and headed to Target Center.We reached on time this time,there were no warm ups going on yet.We found our seats,waiting for players to come, players mainly Lakers,out of all mainly Kobe.

Our seat was in a nice spot,right above Lakers. We could see Phil Jackson, and all Lakers team.I was so excited,couldn't believe, I had come to watch NBA, the game which Lakers were playing.The game started at 7pm,in less than 5 minutes,they scored.Lakers played really well this time.Every single player played so good.Kobe,Dereck Fisher,Gasol Pau,Odom Lamar,Luke Walter all played so good.Man,it was great.Their moves, passes were just great.I was very happy how they played.Lakers did so well that their score was 117 and Timberwolves was 85.

Great game,running around,money spent all worth it after all.

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February 11, 2008

The stress, pain, worries I am going through

Back in December,after eating really spicy food,my stomach hurt a bit, and it felt a bit different in my left lower abdomen the next day.I thought it was because of very spicy food(more spicier than usual).But nothing happened,so I didn't see doctor.I went home for a month,came back,I was all fine.

Suddenly,on Febraury 3rd,08, when I woke up,left abdomen felt different.I still thought nothing serious,but when I woke up the next day to go to work on Monday,I felt really weird,like something swollen (as if a small balloon was inside).Right away,I went and checked the internet thinking this not normal.I went to work,after sitting for more than 6 hours,I started to feel uncomfortable.I had a class that night so left work saying its bothering which it was.

And after I left,all I wanted to do was to leave for home,and figure out whats going on with me.Then on Tuesday,I setup an appointment for Friday.I went and they did quite a bit of checkup and told me,they will send me for Radiology-Ultra Sound.They did blood tests too.They asked me a lot of questions,but everything was/is normal with me.I haven't felt any different other than the lower abdomen thing.I came back,thinking what is wrong with me.Spent all weekend thinking what could this be.While I was at work,I even called Health Services to find out if they have any clue.

After work on Monday, I was in the school,looking for NBA Feb 13th,08 game,Timberwolves Vs LAKERS.I got a call from the Nurse Practitioner.She told me she couldn't tell the reason thats why she is sending me to the Radiology place.But she did say,I got your blood test results.Everything is normal and thats very good, WBC,Haemoglobin,thats all I can remember right now but she did say many things,rest can't remember.But,I'm just so worried, tensed, everything.I don't know what to expect.I am reading on the net, some say it might be "diverticulitis", some say bladder problem,lower colon problem, female organ issues.In one way,I can't wait for it to be tomorrow to get this done and get the results soon.But at the same time,I'm nervous,scared,worried at the same time thinking, Is the result going to be devastating?

But I am positive it will be nothing serious.Hopefully.......

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February 10, 2008

Timberwolves Vs Toronto Raptors, my first experience watching NBA live

I was excited to go watch the game.Due to the severe cold weather,one of our friend's car didn't start.So,he called this morning and said, he might not be able to make it.Ask someone else, now its time to find that someone. Called few friends,no one is taking a call, not returning a call either.So, the time is passing, its almost 4pm.That was kinda stress but more than that I was so stressed out today about something else.

It was about a class I was enrolled in.Object Oriented Architecture and Design Patterns, interesting topic. I really wanted to stay in the class,but since this is my first time working full-time and going to school,it was getting too much for me.I couldn't decide what I should do, I kept doing should I, should I not.So,finally I said,this is too much,I will just drop it before 4:30pm and I did.I was a little sad but at the same time,I think I made a good decision.Goodluck to me.I will try to take 3 classes next semester if I can.

And writing about the NBA game,I called my friend from MIS.He, myself and my best friend met in Target Center.The game had already started but we made it.It was fun to watch live,at the same time kinda boring, hehehe.I wasn't fan of any of those two teams,so I was not excited or sad for any.But being from Minnesota,thought may be I should support Timberwolves which I did.But the thing is Timberwolves lost to Toronto Raptors.They won by a lot.But it was a great evening watching NBA live,in those great seats.

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February 9, 2008

Just when I saved the previous entry, something came to my mind

So, I am starting to write again.I won NBA ticket for Feb10th,08 and its finally tomorrow. I am so excited about it, never been to a NBA.Man, its NBA, Timberwolves Vs Toronto Raptors.None of the team is my favorite, but it will be fun to watch the game.

But I am not so excited about next week. I haven't studied for any class, haven't read any Chapter, and I am worried. I don't know what I am doing. I am all mixed up. There are so many things in my mind going on sometimes. And something happened to me, no pain, no nothing but I felt swollen left abdomen last Monday. I was shocked and surprised at the same time when I woke up. I felt like a balloon or swollen something inside. I had never felt like that before. I was pretty worried, I kept feeling my left abdomen. I finally setup appointment with the doctor for Friday.

Because of the appt. I thought of working from home. I went to the doctor, but I was a little late so I had to wait. I rescheduled for later part of the day. I went in, I had to go through one of the embarrassing procedure too. After all this, the RNP told me I will have to go through Ultrasound which is on Tuesday early morning, and I am really nervous about it. I am not sure what they are going to tell whats wrong. I'm hoping its nothing serious, thats all. I am going to stay positive and hope for the best.

Monday was when my abdomen was swollen and just 1-2 days back, parents had called me. Reason mom saw me in her dream, I don't know if she saw me sick, but she said,"I saw you in my dream, I just wanted to check if you are doing fine or not". I don't know if she sensed I was going to be sick. But mom's senses, thats great.

Thats all for now.

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Its has been really busy the past few days, and its just going to be busier

Before I started typing this entry, I thought I would write about this and that. Now that I started typing, I don't know what to write about.This week, the only day I was relaxed at home was Thursday after 5 days. It felt so good, it was the best feeling after so many days outside for so long hours. Work, school, here and there but not at home until 10 pm or later.

I am running out of words, I will stop right here. I will add an entry when I know what I want to write about.

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