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After playing hide and seek,finally talked to the Nurse

She had called me this morning but since my phone was in my jacket, couldn't reach it on time, I missed the call.So,I called her back but even after 2 attempts,kept going to the Voice Mail.Finally before leaving work,I called again.She told me how the reports came.She said,"You might have to see a Gynecologist".I said why? Is there anything serious?She said,You have Fibroid.Fibroid,something I have read very very little,but didn't really know what exactly it is.

Although the name explains a bit but does not really tell you all its symptoms and problems it can cause.While she was telling me,I started surfing in the net.I read a bit,didn't think how serious it could be,I'm reading right now,and I just can't believe I have it.I mean I have always been so healthy,until I started having back problems after working in EmpowerMX.

I usually eat healthy,not lazy,I do what I need to.Except after moving to MN,I gained weight..But getting back to the point,for the past few days,I have been sad,worried,feeling lonely everything,with this terrible sinus headache and added up this Medical Report.I haven't told anybody in my family about the problem yet.I don't know if I should or shouldn't.I usually do not get emotional,but after reading about it,tears are flowing out of my eyes automatically.I have worked so hard,tried to do everything right,to reach where I am,to be what I am today.

Now I won't feel good until I see a doctor.Good Luck to me.


Good luck to u dear. i wish everything will b alright. dont feel alone although we r very far from each other remember u can share ur every moments wid me. even though in relation m ur aunt but i always treat u only as a fren so plez do feel free to share ur things ok dear b happy n listen everything will b alright take care dear miss u n luv u

Hope everything went well.

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