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At this point,I just want to forget all the worries,pain,sadness and have fun

Somethings are going right and some are not.That is what life is all about Correct.Yes and I am not complaining about it at all. All I want to have right now is a bit fun,take my stress away.I'm a fun loving person,usually stay away from pain,stress,worries.I can handle those easily but sometimes it does not work that way I believe.

Oh well, lets see what I can do for fun this week.Yes,work on my scripts, LMControlArea and now work on rest of the General,Triggers and Programs tab.Work is going alright,I'm liking it,except I need to be better,the best.Oh my god, what am I writing,I am supposed to write about fun man.Ok,I am trying to remember which movie I am thinking about going this Friday.Don't remember the name,I know its about Dance.I think DAPU knows about it.

May be I should listen to some music.That sounds great. Yeahhhhhhhhh

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