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Timberwolves Vs Toronto Raptors, my first experience watching NBA live

I was excited to go watch the game.Due to the severe cold weather,one of our friend's car didn't start.So,he called this morning and said, he might not be able to make it.Ask someone else, now its time to find that someone. Called few friends,no one is taking a call, not returning a call either.So, the time is passing, its almost 4pm.That was kinda stress but more than that I was so stressed out today about something else.

It was about a class I was enrolled in.Object Oriented Architecture and Design Patterns, interesting topic. I really wanted to stay in the class,but since this is my first time working full-time and going to school,it was getting too much for me.I couldn't decide what I should do, I kept doing should I, should I not.So,finally I said,this is too much,I will just drop it before 4:30pm and I did.I was a little sad but at the same time,I think I made a good decision.Goodluck to me.I will try to take 3 classes next semester if I can.

And writing about the NBA game,I called my friend from MIS.He, myself and my best friend met in Target Center.The game had already started but we made it.It was fun to watch live,at the same time kinda boring, hehehe.I wasn't fan of any of those two teams,so I was not excited or sad for any.But being from Minnesota,thought may be I should support Timberwolves which I did.But the thing is Timberwolves lost to Toronto Raptors.They won by a lot.But it was a great evening watching NBA live,in those great seats.


I would like to go to watch NBA game live too. Especially Raptors. But damn I'm from Europe and I can do nothing. :( It's really expensive for us, and with fly to Canada, hotel, it's just impossible for most.

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