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Never thought I will feel this way and will ever be writing something like this but I am

I have been pretty sad and upset deep down from a while.I can't believe how pathetic,boring my life has become.I don't even know how to express how I feel anymore.I don't always think or feel this way like this but today I felt the worst.I already was feeling sad deep down inside,I read something that made me more sad.Happy for them but just the feeling.....I guess this is what happens when you are S_ _ _ _ e.Don't know, life is nothing like before anymore.Today is one of those days,I don't know why I am feeling this sad.I got my tasks accomplished but at the end of the day,I'm again thinking about stupid things which is making me feel sad.

But no matter how I'm feeling,what I am thinking about,I did ok all day.After work,I came home,cooker rice,fish steak curry,broccoli,sprats(fish),eggs with a touch of wine and had dinner with my best friend.Thats my day for today.I will try to write something interesting which is fun to read and not pathetically sad.

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