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The stress, pain, worries I am going through

Back in December,after eating really spicy food,my stomach hurt a bit, and it felt a bit different in my left lower abdomen the next day.I thought it was because of very spicy food(more spicier than usual).But nothing happened,so I didn't see doctor.I went home for a month,came back,I was all fine.

Suddenly,on Febraury 3rd,08, when I woke up,left abdomen felt different.I still thought nothing serious,but when I woke up the next day to go to work on Monday,I felt really weird,like something swollen (as if a small balloon was inside).Right away,I went and checked the internet thinking this not normal.I went to work,after sitting for more than 6 hours,I started to feel uncomfortable.I had a class that night so left work saying its bothering which it was.

And after I left,all I wanted to do was to leave for home,and figure out whats going on with me.Then on Tuesday,I setup an appointment for Friday.I went and they did quite a bit of checkup and told me,they will send me for Radiology-Ultra Sound.They did blood tests too.They asked me a lot of questions,but everything was/is normal with me.I haven't felt any different other than the lower abdomen thing.I came back,thinking what is wrong with me.Spent all weekend thinking what could this be.While I was at work,I even called Health Services to find out if they have any clue.

After work on Monday, I was in the school,looking for NBA Feb 13th,08 game,Timberwolves Vs LAKERS.I got a call from the Nurse Practitioner.She told me she couldn't tell the reason thats why she is sending me to the Radiology place.But she did say,I got your blood test results.Everything is normal and thats very good, WBC,Haemoglobin,thats all I can remember right now but she did say many things,rest can't remember.But,I'm just so worried, tensed, everything.I don't know what to expect.I am reading on the net, some say it might be "diverticulitis", some say bladder problem,lower colon problem, female organ issues.In one way,I can't wait for it to be tomorrow to get this done and get the results soon.But at the same time,I'm nervous,scared,worried at the same time thinking, Is the result going to be devastating?

But I am positive it will be nothing serious.Hopefully.......

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