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Timberwolves Vs Lakers on Feb 13th,08

Finally after running around,I boughts ticket for myself and for my friend.We were really excited about the game.All day at work, thinking about the game at 7pm.Everything went as planned,after work had dinner and headed to Target Center.We reached on time this time,there were no warm ups going on yet.We found our seats,waiting for players to come, players mainly Lakers,out of all mainly Kobe.

Our seat was in a nice spot,right above Lakers. We could see Phil Jackson, and all Lakers team.I was so excited,couldn't believe, I had come to watch NBA, the game which Lakers were playing.The game started at 7pm,in less than 5 minutes,they scored.Lakers played really well this time.Every single player played so good.Kobe,Dereck Fisher,Gasol Pau,Odom Lamar,Luke Walter all played so good.Man,it was great.Their moves, passes were just great.I was very happy how they played.Lakers did so well that their score was 117 and Timberwolves was 85.

Great game,running around,money spent all worth it after all.


now I among your readers

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