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Hitting the dance floor after a long time and March 1st, special day of a good friend of mine

I had a plan in my mind, but because I am so busy, and because of the class, I didn't plan anything.I just left the time to decide and plan things.I finished the class at 3pm, then by the time I reached home it was 4pm tired so was just relaxing at home. I was telling my best friend that we will go for Sushi for dinner.Birthday wish calls were coming in and out. Around 4:30pm or so, Anba called.He asked if there was any plan for night.So,suddenly,it happened, planned dinner in downtown in a Japanese Restaurant for Sushi.All of us gathered there,and after eating all kinds of Sushi, headed to Envy,a club in downtown where one of our friends Asela was playing. We were altogether 7 people,entered club,had some drink, danced a little.It was fun to be there after long time.

After dancing there for while, we headed to Lounge another club in downtown at around 1:30am.At around 2:15am was the last song,then came out from the club. It was almost 3am, when we reached Perkins.So,we started talking and ate and conversation kept on going, it was 4:30am.Finally we headed home,by the time I reached and went to bed it was 5:15am. I mean it is so late, but because did it after so long time, it was fun. Fun fun fun,and I just realized that even though I couldn't make plans,it worked out better than what I thought of.I am thankful to god and everyone.When you want to do something from deep down, things work out and everything happens for a reason.Thanks

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