April 28, 2008

Monday, April 28th,08, first meeting that I had to host kinda

Today I had the first demo of my code ever. It was a walk through of the work what I have done for CSR Metering. It didn't work right before the meeting but it did finally. But because everyone talked, discussed about the stuff, it was ok. But it was weird since it was so quiet.Its all done, I just need to finish the stuff tomorrow so I can put if to Production for Friday's Regression.

And a shocking thing about today is, the cost of title transfer. I went to renew my registration tab, and also the title transfer. I didn't know how much it was going to cost, but Oh Boy!! it was so expensive. I couldn't believe my eyes, how expensive it was.Myself and DAPU were like, oh my god. DAPU was in shock too which is why DAPU was speechless. I could see the facial reaction. Man, it is crazy, I just thought what if I didn't have that much money. I think thats complete rip off. Yes it is a complete rip off.

Thats all for the day.

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April 27, 2008

An email in my hotmail Junk folder.

As always, Thursday evening after work, I opened my hotmail. I checked my inbox and then Junk Folder, there it was. Subject as 'Its me". And so on. It was a shocking or I would call it surprise, I couldn't believe my eyes what was written in it. I am not doing to do anything with it but just wait and see. Next time, I talked to Rencha, I told her too.Now I will just wait and see.

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Healthwise, this year has not been good to me

Right after I came back, I had some pain in my stomach which I went for the doctor. Found out the exact reason. Then again in February, I started having headache, and it still is on off and on. I am having problems with nose,sinus specially.I am just so tired of feeling like this. And again I have this lower back issue.

But I have to admit, I have been happy, satisfied with life even though with all these health problems.My stupid sad entry. Never ending problems.

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April 21, 2008

The number of entries I enter in my blog explains either I have been busy, sick, or busy again hehe

I don't know how my time goes. I reach work by 8:30 - 8:45am. Except Mondays leave work like 6-7pm. By the time, I reach home its already late. I cook, eat dinner, clean up and then watch little bit of TV and its time to go to bed.Same routine over and over.I'm not taking class in summer so looking forward to enjoy in summer, lets see. My parents will be here too, so it should be fun all together except babu.

Last week, I was feeling tired and was waiting for the weekend to come. It was Friday and by the time I left work, I got even more tired. I thought Friday night sleep will help but it didn't work at all. On Saturday, I had class all day, and it was one of the tiring days in my life I think. I do not remember being that tired in class ever. I just wanted to get out from the class and go home. I headed home, on the way DAPU wanted to drink coffee,stopped in Starbucks I drank like 2 sip of it. After that, I was even more tired and sleepy.

Did I tell you yet, coffee works opposite on me?So, after reaching home, I tried to sleep but it didn't work. I went to bed thinking tonight I should get good sleep, woke up Sunday morning same thing, I was still tired.Its strange, funny, weird all at one time how it was. So, sunday was over and finally it was time to go to work. Its Monday night and I am more tired than ever. Whats going on? Tired all the time, not good.

I just want to go home and sleep tight. TBD soon

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April 7, 2008

I saw a fren online,and told him I got his message yesterday.

It was bit of a surprise since he said hi on MSN. I know he and his brother only sends message on MSN or talks when they need information or help. And this time the same. Again as always started asking where is he? and where is he? It was the first time I gave the Truthful straight forward answer, "I am not a messager man, if you keep in touch with friends, you will know Who is where?". I am busy too, I have work, school, everything like everyone else in the world has, but I have got enough time to drop few lines, say hi, give a call once in a while. I mean if you consider someone a friend, then learn to do that. Don't be selfish but again, world is full of selfish people.

Actually I am thinking about writing something here for a while. I went to MIS, and most of my friends, or let me put it this way, most of the people whom I call frens are worthless. Some only remember you when they need help or information from you. When you ask something from them they will never, but shameless thing is they can't even tell you, that they can't. One of the example, I asked one of my friend to talk to my younger brother about Medicine in China. He never really went and met once, I didn't think he even made a call once. How sad and selfish is it? But they ask me things, I always try my best with whatever I can.

They are so selfish, worthless, its worthless to call them friends because they can't even meet you when you are home. They can't even call you, the worst part is when you go back home, you call them and say "Hey guys I am here. Let me know when you are free, so we can meet", no call, no nothing for 5 weeks. And after few months they need something from you then they say hi, so sad and pathetic. Sometimes I regret having friends like that.

Thats why I love my school friends, we have our good and bad times, we argue, we have our own views about different things, but we still share our good and bad.

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April 6, 2008

My dream last night or I would say this morning.It was stragely awesome.

I'm a happy person but I was happier in my dream.Strangely awesome, so awesome I could feel it. Rest is coming TBD

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April 2, 2008

Today April 2nd,08, is going to be one of the memorable day in my life, and I am optimistic that this will be memorable in a positive way.

I have waited and waited for this day to come. We finally went and paid and brought the car today. This is one of the biggest investments in my life, and I am hoping this will remain positive.God bless me. We did check out a lot of cars online, test drove few, and we found this one. This is my first car and hoping will be a very good one.God bless me again. I am excited to drive around.Thanks to my best friend who helped me a lot.

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April 1, 2008

Oh my my, didn't realize how long it has been, the last time I wrote something here

Today is one of those days, I stayed and worked from home. The things that were planned only one worked,but nothing else.I'm not upset about it, since I can take care of those stuff tomorrow, hopefully. Anyway just getting back to the point, last week Wednesday, on the way back to home work, I was pretty happy. I was telling I am happy, I am working hard,feeling better with back pain.

But from the same day,my back started hurting.Thursday worse,Friday even worse, didn't help at all during the weekend at all. Exercised on Saturday,it was fun after very long, I can't wait to go bike ride outside when the weather gets warmer and I have my own car, and start driving.I can't wait it to happen,just can't wait anymore. I just can't stand it anymore.

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