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Monday, April 28th,08, first meeting that I had to host kinda

Today I had the first demo of my code ever. It was a walk through of the work what I have done for CSR Metering. It didn't work right before the meeting but it did finally. But because everyone talked, discussed about the stuff, it was ok. But it was weird since it was so quiet.Its all done, I just need to finish the stuff tomorrow so I can put if to Production for Friday's Regression.

And a shocking thing about today is, the cost of title transfer. I went to renew my registration tab, and also the title transfer. I didn't know how much it was going to cost, but Oh Boy!! it was so expensive. I couldn't believe my eyes, how expensive it was.Myself and DAPU were like, oh my god. DAPU was in shock too which is why DAPU was speechless. I could see the facial reaction. Man, it is crazy, I just thought what if I didn't have that much money. I think thats complete rip off. Yes it is a complete rip off.

Thats all for the day.


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