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Oh my my, didn't realize how long it has been, the last time I wrote something here

Today is one of those days, I stayed and worked from home. The things that were planned only one worked,but nothing else.I'm not upset about it, since I can take care of those stuff tomorrow, hopefully. Anyway just getting back to the point, last week Wednesday, on the way back to home work, I was pretty happy. I was telling I am happy, I am working hard,feeling better with back pain.

But from the same day,my back started hurting.Thursday worse,Friday even worse, didn't help at all during the weekend at all. Exercised on Saturday,it was fun after very long, I can't wait to go bike ride outside when the weather gets warmer and I have my own car, and start driving.I can't wait it to happen,just can't wait anymore. I just can't stand it anymore.

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