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The number of entries I enter in my blog explains either I have been busy, sick, or busy again hehe

I don't know how my time goes. I reach work by 8:30 - 8:45am. Except Mondays leave work like 6-7pm. By the time, I reach home its already late. I cook, eat dinner, clean up and then watch little bit of TV and its time to go to bed.Same routine over and over.I'm not taking class in summer so looking forward to enjoy in summer, lets see. My parents will be here too, so it should be fun all together except babu.

Last week, I was feeling tired and was waiting for the weekend to come. It was Friday and by the time I left work, I got even more tired. I thought Friday night sleep will help but it didn't work at all. On Saturday, I had class all day, and it was one of the tiring days in my life I think. I do not remember being that tired in class ever. I just wanted to get out from the class and go home. I headed home, on the way DAPU wanted to drink coffee,stopped in Starbucks I drank like 2 sip of it. After that, I was even more tired and sleepy.

Did I tell you yet, coffee works opposite on me?So, after reaching home, I tried to sleep but it didn't work. I went to bed thinking tonight I should get good sleep, woke up Sunday morning same thing, I was still tired.Its strange, funny, weird all at one time how it was. So, sunday was over and finally it was time to go to work. Its Monday night and I am more tired than ever. Whats going on? Tired all the time, not good.

I just want to go home and sleep tight. TBD soon

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