May 31, 2008

Just about to go for a bike ride and I got so angry,I decided to stay home and go later when I calm down a bit.

I am not sure why my temper went up, although I know, whatever was said,didn't make sense to me, I got so angry,I could have just stayed quiet too. I am so bad, I hate myself when I get angry. I am not sure but I have noticed from few days, I have been getting angry for very small reasons, not with everyone but with just one person. This is really annoying, I am not that person who likes being angry. God help me. I just have to remember to shut my mouth when I think I might get angry.

When I went home, I thought about my anger issues, I admit I have but I do not get angry with everyone but just one person. I think I need a space or something,feels bad the way my anger went up. And when I get angry I know, how I turn, so bad mouth.Man, I just can't believe it. I think I am going to relax in here for a bit, I like it this quiet though, no noise, its so quiet that I can hear myself typing.

I have to help myself by not getting angry with this one person.Coz this one person happens to be my very good friend, with whom I have been through a lot. We have been there for each other in every ups and downs in our life.I should not be getting angry.

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Tuesday the May 27th,08, nothing special but just special because it took 20 minutes to work

I leave for work between 8:00 am - 8:30am, sometimes 7am, and sometimes depends. But on Tuesday, after three days of weekend, I woke up tired. Even though, I just stayed home on Monday. So,I decided to go to work late, late but not that late. I left for work at 8:45am, its not an everyday routine though. To my surprise, there was very little traffic, except as usual the crosstown on 62W.But otherwise,it was not bad.The gear didn't have to changed from 5th until I reached work.

Thats like Guinness Book record going to work, without traffic and only 20 minutes on the road. So,I decided, I have to write it here.To go to work, everyday, it takes about 30 minutes the shortest if lucky otherwise, it takes 45 minutes to one hour. Thats very annoying however,the annoying part is coming back from work in the evening. Just to avoid traffic,I stay at work till 6-7pm. By the time, I leave work I just want to be home and relax. But again it takes time to reach home, then cook dinner and then do some clean ups, watch a little TV with the laptop on my lap. Then watch news and go to bed. The next thing, I realize then is, its another day, its already morning and I have to get ready and get going to work. And I do not even get good sleep.

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May 24, 2008

Memorial Day weekend with old friends

I woke up at 6am, was in the computer for an hour, then went to bed to sleep but it didn't happen.So,instead got back to the computer. Then again, I went to sleep around don't know what time though. At around 9:45am, I woke up, brushed my teeth, washed myface. Around noon, I headed to get some liquor and some grilling stuff to other store. I got the stuff and headed home. I was really hungry so ate some dalmot.

Then around 2pm, our grill,drinking started.We started drinking Margarita, that DAPU made. It was great. 7 of us were drinking, talking eating skews, chicken,fish, fruits, hot dogs etc.After 3-4-5 drinks, we were a little bit tipsy, little getting the affect of the drink.It was sunny, wasn't too hot, perfect day, perfect day.

We really had fun, it was great. I forgot all my stress for that moment. Good few hours with Grilled fish, grilled shrimp skew and margarita in a sunny day outside my apartment with some friends.

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May 18, 2008

Finished Graduation, now its time for vacation for parents

May 12th, 08 is the day my brother graduated this year. To attend the graduation I had flown to DFW. I met my mom, dad, babu and other family members. It was fun, it was too short though. But I had to get back to my place so I did. But I got sick after that which I didn't quite enjoyed. But I am recovering now.

But I am under so much pressure these days, things things things. I have tried so many times, but the best deal is not showing up. I am so sad that I am not able to do that much for my family.

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