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Just about to go for a bike ride and I got so angry,I decided to stay home and go later when I calm down a bit.

I am not sure why my temper went up, although I know, whatever was said,didn't make sense to me, I got so angry,I could have just stayed quiet too. I am so bad, I hate myself when I get angry. I am not sure but I have noticed from few days, I have been getting angry for very small reasons, not with everyone but with just one person. This is really annoying, I am not that person who likes being angry. God help me. I just have to remember to shut my mouth when I think I might get angry.

When I went home, I thought about my anger issues, I admit I have but I do not get angry with everyone but just one person. I think I need a space or something,feels bad the way my anger went up. And when I get angry I know, how I turn, so bad mouth.Man, I just can't believe it. I think I am going to relax in here for a bit, I like it this quiet though, no noise, its so quiet that I can hear myself typing.

I have to help myself by not getting angry with this one person.Coz this one person happens to be my very good friend, with whom I have been through a lot. We have been there for each other in every ups and downs in our life.I should not be getting angry.

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