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Memorial Day weekend with old friends

I woke up at 6am, was in the computer for an hour, then went to bed to sleep but it didn't happen.So,instead got back to the computer. Then again, I went to sleep around don't know what time though. At around 9:45am, I woke up, brushed my teeth, washed myface. Around noon, I headed to get some liquor and some grilling stuff to other store. I got the stuff and headed home. I was really hungry so ate some dalmot.

Then around 2pm, our grill,drinking started.We started drinking Margarita, that DAPU made. It was great. 7 of us were drinking, talking eating skews, chicken,fish, fruits, hot dogs etc.After 3-4-5 drinks, we were a little bit tipsy, little getting the affect of the drink.It was sunny, wasn't too hot, perfect day, perfect day.

We really had fun, it was great. I forgot all my stress for that moment. Good few hours with Grilled fish, grilled shrimp skew and margarita in a sunny day outside my apartment with some friends.


Love it! there is the occasional two paragraph sites on my blog although I'm just too really wordy otherwise.

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