June 28, 2008

Saturday,its supposed to be relaxing,fun for those who work FT.

But it was not like what I had thought it would be. Woke up early, went to Zoo,it was fun but stress started slowly.By the end of the day, it was pretty bad for me. I lost few times but I tried to control so much but I just said things to myself instead.Thats the best way to not say anything to others.

Spent so much, tried everything but it was a failure.

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June 23, 2008

I don't know what to say, what to write anymore

I was pretty stressed thinking where to go, where to take, thats all it was in my mind. I came back from work, decided to go to the grocery store. Thats when it happened.I backed up the car,there was a car behind me,I suddenly decided to turn and then I went, boom. I turned so much that I went and hit the car in the garage.It was so sudden,I don't know what to say,I am feeling down thinking my car got hit, and now its gonna cost couple of grands to fix.I wish that moment never happened but I wish I could look back that way.

If I could, I would rewind and reverse that few seconds.The few seconds when I didn't have control, the few seconds which made everything feel like ...............

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June 12, 2008

What a day I had today? It was full of disappointment :'(

Early morning, I checked email, it had something written, which I usually don't take it seriously but did have a little bit feeling. But you disappointed me so badly, I couldn't believe thats what you did again. I mean how could you let them beat you. You were doing so so great up to the 3rd quarter and at the last, you just let them beat you. I am so upset, sad, disappointed, I am going speechless, no words left to express. Man, I just can't believe,left me in anger, disappointment and disappointment.

I am again asking how could you?? But for sure you did have a big role on my day today. I will not say never, or wont anymore, but what I can say is I will try my best to stay away from you. I will not let you do what you have done once again. Disappointed on you big time.

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June 11, 2008

Lakers vs Celtics, the third game

Its sad to see Lakers lost two games, but they won the third, thats their first. And they are going to win the next 3 and will be the winners of NBA 2008. Everyone in the team is so awesome, starting from Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, Paul Gasol, Sasha Ju...., Luke Walton,can't remember some others name. I know them by face though.But man, they are great.And I just love watching them play. Its just that they had a lot of rebounds, they missed many free throws also.

Next game is tomorrow, and I am sure they will do great and will win the game. Good luck Lakers, Go Lakers, thats the way to go.

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Its been okay day from Monday

I have been having more communications at least via email on the phone. It feels good, wanted to tell, want to talk but I am keeping it inside. Its sometimes better to let the stuff be the way it is,don't say anything just stay quiet. Until someone realizes that she is trying to say something to you.

Looking forward to communicate again, soon. Waiting..as always. But this time, wait will not be as long as it usually is. Nice...feels good too.

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June 7, 2008

You might think this is stupid but it is true

Something happened to me while watching a movie named "Love is a four letter word". As a matter of fact, love is a four letter word but the things it can do to a person, is a lot. You might not even think what it can do to you. And you won't even realize what it has done to you, and by the time you realize, you have fallen deeply in this four letter word. I know I am not making any sense right now, but I am letting my fingers type whatever it wants to.

I am telling myself right now what am I typing. I know what I want to type, but I don't want to at the same time. A Line from the movie, "I never thought I would say this to you again, but I am writing to you again. I can't wait to hear you, talk to you.Call me asap, can't wait any longer." The above line is from the movie I mentioned in the first line.

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June 2, 2008

When I write to you and I do not get any response, I feel like a fool

Yes, I do feel like a fool. I wait and wait and wait, but no response and I tell myself, why did I write. Why didn't I stop my fingers so it wouldn't hit that Send button.

Thats all here. This is for all, you write to someone and you do not hear back, no reply, then you will realize what I am talking about. This is just something came to my mind, so thought of typing it here. Nothing special, nothing interesting, came to my mind, thought about filling an entry.

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June 1, 2008

"Sex and the City", summer's #1 movie, so far

Right after watching Indiana Jones, thought I should go watch Sex and the City. I had it already planned but was not sure whether it would happen or not. After watching it, I said to myself, I thought how can I not watch Sex and the City and not write in my blog.That would be crime, complete crime, it might come and hunt me ha ha....Thats just a joke, I am not crazy about it but I just have to give credit to the movie. It was awesome.

If its not for the story, its still worth to watch the ladies, the dresses, the shoes and the purses and everything.I have always wanted to dress, wear shoes, have purses that way. I wish that is something I can dream of. Its not something I can't dream because you have to have a dream/dreams and its a possible one.Getting back to the point, I felt so real as it was happening to me when Big told Kerry that he can't do it and he is going back. That touched my heart, touched me deep down to the bottom of my heart.

Kerry is devastated, shocked with a broken heart with eyes full of tears, is going back in a limo with the girls and she sees Big. She comes out from the limo, on the middle of the NYC road, she hits Big with the flowers. The flower petals were like your feelings, like your heart breaking into pieces. My eyes were filled with tears, as I blink my eyes, they were falling down to my cheek.

There were moments that made it feel so real. The movie was great and the best part about of the movie is, it was almost like real and had a happy ending. One great movie on a rainy weekend.

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