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What a day I had today? It was full of disappointment :'(

Early morning, I checked email, it had something written, which I usually don't take it seriously but did have a little bit feeling. But you disappointed me so badly, I couldn't believe thats what you did again. I mean how could you let them beat you. You were doing so so great up to the 3rd quarter and at the last, you just let them beat you. I am so upset, sad, disappointed, I am going speechless, no words left to express. Man, I just can't believe,left me in anger, disappointment and disappointment.

I am again asking how could you?? But for sure you did have a big role on my day today. I will not say never, or wont anymore, but what I can say is I will try my best to stay away from you. I will not let you do what you have done once again. Disappointed on you big time.


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