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You might think this is stupid but it is true

Something happened to me while watching a movie named "Love is a four letter word". As a matter of fact, love is a four letter word but the things it can do to a person, is a lot. You might not even think what it can do to you. And you won't even realize what it has done to you, and by the time you realize, you have fallen deeply in this four letter word. I know I am not making any sense right now, but I am letting my fingers type whatever it wants to.

I am telling myself right now what am I typing. I know what I want to type, but I don't want to at the same time. A Line from the movie, "I never thought I would say this to you again, but I am writing to you again. I can't wait to hear you, talk to you.Call me asap, can't wait any longer." The above line is from the movie I mentioned in the first line.


We certainly are a world of copy and go's. We follow the laws. Innovators however, who lead the manner, blow up that concept, blogging really isn't every different.

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