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According to the plan, I was supposed to move today, I am still moving but just haven't done packing yet

Here is how my day went today. I woke up at 3am, couldn't call asleep till 4:30 am or so. I finally fell asleep then woke up at 8am. I felt refresh and that was great. While I was talking to my friend, I was told may be I should work at least half a day. I thought that's a good idea. I created an email and sent to my manager's way and I got a quick reply that said "Go Ahead". I then sent email to the entire team that I will be working from home half a day.

I worked till 1pm, didn't get much work done but I worked. At 1:20pm, my friend came and we decided, its time to go pick up the moving truck. We went in the car, picked up the truck but left the car there. We parked the truck and I came in to my apartment to get my car key. We were carrying 2 boxes, so that we could drop in the new apartment after we get done with the procedure which I call it, "Give your life away". To my surprise, I tried to open the trunk, the electronic key did not respond.

And that's when we realized, my battery had died. Guess why, because I had left the lights on yesterday morning. I mean imagine, the last time I drove my car was at 10:00am yesterday, which is almost 36 hours ago. I got a bad scolding, I told my friend, please take the bus and pick up your car but unfortunately, the bus passed right in front our eyes. Now what do I do. Luckily, I have saved the Airport and in town taxi-service phone number. I got scolded again. I called the cab service again, they said about 20 minutes.

I had less than $10 in my purse, so I had to get some cash out before the taxi came. I ran to Marathon Gas Station like a crazy person, I got $30 out, with TCF Bank's $2 charge. I was running to my apartment, I got a call from the taxi service. "Your taxi will be out in 2 minutes." I turned right and there the taxi was, it had just pulled towards the parking lot from the drive way. I had to run again, I called my friend, "Hey the taxi is here". Now the next 10-15 minutes, we are in the taxi.

While talking about GPS, we missed the turn. But finally we reached the Truck rental place and got the car. We even helped the taxi driver with information and discount coupon. We headed to my new apartment complex. We did the lease, but when we went inside, we saw the wrong wall had been painted and also the carpet didn't look clean at all.

We were upset, and headed home. We ordered pizza from Domino's outside the apartment. After eating, II called AAA. They said, jump start will get done but they do not do the battery replace service today. They do it Monday through Friday till 5pm. I told myself, okay I am in big trouble. I went outside to wait for the AAA people to come , they were right outside so quickly. I opened the hood, trunk, seats but they couldn't find the battery.

I then ran to my apartment to call my friend, by that time, they had found the battery. They gave a jump start, boom it worked in a shot. Man, that was one of the happiest moment for the day. I was told to leave the car in start for the next 20-25 minutes. After leaving the car on, drove to the SA gas station, got gas and came home. And I decided, this is going to be one memorable day. Not something I would want to happen again . But I will be more careful from next time.


Finally u got ur cars battery.....didnt the police take away ur care away...?!!!dont know wot system is prevelant there but by watchin movies i guess hav a bit idea....dont the hapsis.....steal stuffs frm car when its left alone....anyway gud for u to b happy atlast....

Don't you hate packing? Everytime I pack I can't believe how much stuff I have. Moving is such a pain. Good luck.

Oh! I think you enjoyed your day went today with your troubles.

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