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Adventure going to work : Drive, Park and RIde, Train, Bus then walk for 25-30 minutes

I've been thinking to go to work like this but only tried the return trip. So, finally I did what I wanted to. It took me really long time but it was fun. I got exercise too.

Here goes my adventure, I get up at 5:30am, shower, get ready for work, take my lunch. And leave home between 6:45am to 7am. It takes 5-10 minutes to reach Park and Ride station on 28th Avenue. I buy One Day Pass and run for the train. I catch the train, then I am in Light Rail Platform and Nicollet by 7:30 am or so. Then I catch a bus on Nicollet and 5th. I take the bus at 7:48 am, and I get down at 8:12am. From there, I walk about 1.6 miles or little less, if I take short cuts. I reach work between 8:45-9am.

I do get exercise, thinking about how I reach work, makes me smile sometimes. Then I work all day, catch the 5:30pm bus from outside the building or main drive way. I reach downtown few minutes before 6pm. I then walk to Nicollet and Government Plaza, catch the 5:58pm train. After after 30 minutes, I reach Park and Ride station and drive and head home. By the time, I reach home its 7pm. So, I am out for 12 hours, sometimes more than that. And I am tired, very tired by 9pm.

Good, fun, new experience going to work. Knowing downtown MSP better everyday.

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