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I came back in January, and we were planning the trip

January went, February,March, April and then there my parents left home for UK. It was the end of April, they visited many places in UK. Then on May 7th, 08 they came here. I was happy they were coming but, I was more worried thinking whether they will be bored here since they are going to stay till September. But days went so fast, I only remember the month of May.The next thing, I know is, they were here for three weeks, we argued, talked, had fun. And three weeks went like 3 days.

After 3 weeks, mom dad thought, they could have stayed longer here. I had asked dad earlier before busying ticket, he had said 1 -2 weeks. Mainly because they were worried about being bored. I won't blame them in a way though, I totally understand. Good part is, they had fun here. But again, I can't totally say that either because there were many people babu knew over there. Plus, people would come almost every few days to meet them. Here, who would come? I do not know anyone, I know only myself, my work and my apartment. I know its pretty bad but can't hide from the truth.

After being, bored quite a bit, mom dad thought of leaving early, as in August, a month earlier than what they had thought. But because the days went so fast, after changing ticket, they felt like they shouldn't have changed and should stay longer till September. I felt the same and every one of us. But it was too late. So, today August 19th, mom dad went back, they are in the flight to UK right now. They will reach 8:30pm UK time and after less than 2 hours of transit, they will take another flight.

I am sad, now because I will not be able to talk to mom dad as much was I was doing. I was calling them everyday few times, every day lunch time, I would call them just to ask if they had lunch, if they were bored, to ask what they were doing etc etc. Today I talked to them so many times. I know mom was crying from few days. She had even been saying, "for me it does not matter where I stay, because I am staying home anyway". I know that's true, but dad has to work, he has to take care of the business, and he can't just stay here without doing anything.

So, today they left for home, I am sure babu must be feeling so lonely right now. If I was him, I would be crying because after having parents over for that long, its just hard to be alone. He will miss mom dad in the morning, before going to work and after coming from work. Now, all I can wish is, they have a safe trip home. Hopefully mom will feel fine and hopefully I will get to go home in December this year.


Ya sure they had a good time there....And u both enjoyed their company....And now the day had to come to feel sad that they're back to nepal....and aftr all i hav to meet them too..where would i go in my break?everytime u guys were leaving mom n dad frm ktm now its ur time to feel bad when they're leaving u...did u get wot i am tryin to say...Anyway....still i do and did feel that ...dad mom should have stayed for longer period.....i guess they enjoyed alot there and u both too.....busy pple in usa leads to boringness that led to early flight to ktm.......hehe...ok tk care keep updating....updating is also late in ur blog...aftr all bg pple....

Being away from home can be draining and depressing, but as time goes on you will feel alot better. Just take it day by day.

It's sad to when you live far from home and your family leaves, but that also makes you appreciated the time you spend together.

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