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It was the worst flight ever, felt so long too

It was the first time, I flew Sun country airlines today. It was the first time I had to take the 6am flight too. I found my seat then after sitting for few minutes, I hear people talking so loud, I mean it was really loud. I think they forgot that they are in the flight and not in their living room. Those people didn't even care, its 6am, people want a quiet flight, its 6am man, who wouldn't want to sleep in the flight and head to their destination. But these 5 were uncivilized a...holes.

I couldn't fall asleep, but instead had a terrible headache. I mean I was awake from 4am, so I would reach airport on time man. It was terrible, so loud. They were so rude, I mean how can you, its 6am flight. But no they didn't stop a single second that whole flight. They were really loud for almost 3 hours. God, I hate them.

That was my first Sun country flight, it was bad because of the uncivilized and rude passengers. The seats were okay though.

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