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"Wii" a new game and a whole new experience

I was in the Mall this evening. I saw people dancing, some looked like jumping too. While walking around, I reached that spot. I look at what people were doing, found out, they were having a Wii promotion thing.

I decided to try it out. I started with a little warm up. I played 3 different games, Football, Yoga and something else, don't know its name. But it sure was fun. I would want to own one, you get to play at the same time, you get exercise, how nice. Entertainment and Exercise in a package, what is better than that?


I wasn't much of a believer in Wii's until last week. I ended up at a friend of a friend's place, and we got into some head to head slalom challenges on the Wii fit -- and on those long runs, it was definitely a challenge. I have to say I'm sold -- and some of the analyses really are interesting.

Awesome. I love it too. Just to think, you can get the best of both worlds - video and actual work out. Cool!

Wii promo things are all over the place now ... it seems they are really popular at malls in the Mid-West especially.

The Nintendo Wii has completely changed the video game world. The level of interaction has taken video games from the realm of the couch potato to that of fitness guru. Crazy, but I love it!

The Wii is awesome! Isn't it great to have a video games system that doesn't turn you into a couch potato. Getting exercise while playing videos games. What a great idea!

Combining the fun of palying and a good exercise is brilliant.
I just love the wii

Just got myself a Wii, gonna get Mario Galaxy 2 next.

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