September 29, 2008

Don't do things that you don't mean

Don't call me when you are bored.
Call me when you really want to talk to me.

Don't leave me a voice mail and say, "I wanted to hear your voice".
Leave a message that way if you absolutely mean it.

Don't call me to wake me at 3,4am in the morning to talk for a minute.
Call me only if you really want to talk to me.

Don't call me for 2 minutes,or when the card has no minutes.
I would appreciate, if you don't call me that way.

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September 27, 2008

Life is not anything like before anymore, its nothing like I have thought

The older I am getting,life is changing, its nothing like before. Now, life is only about going to work full time every day except on weekends. Twice a week, go to school, then come home. Weekend comes and then, got school work to do. So, all I do during weekend is school work, little bit of study, get to gym and some cleaning tasks at home. When I look back, the excitement is not there anymore.

As for this weekend, all day today I went to gym, then went to talk to Terri a bit. She was baking cookies, so I had one and came back to my apartment. Started working on school work, then took break and back to work again. Whole day, thats all I did. I wanted to go to the Mall, was deciding which one to, but I didn't go out at all. Yes, I did do some waiting too, but that wait was useless, disappointing as always.

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September 20, 2008

Last week Thursday, I was happy, happy to be able to talk to...

I was thinking to tell about my plan for winter, thought of making plan with ..even. But when I heard "I will be going home from work, South East Asia and then home". I was surprised, little upset, sad. All I said was I am planning to but will see. The response I got after that just made me feel so sad, that thought kept staying in my mind for the whole weekend. I kept telling myself what was I thinking? Then I told myself, I am stupid, why do I think and then think about making plan, when.... does not want to meet me. Thinking that makes me feel................

I do not want to think about it anymore, just had to write to feel good, I am running out of things to write here.Sometimes things do come in my mind, I know what I want to write but then I am busy so busy that I feel like I do not have time to breathe. Thats all

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