October 5, 2008

I wonder what would be the excuse this time?

I am busy nothing unusual, its always same. Not only you though.
I dropped the Cell in the bath tub.
I left the phone in the office.
I can't access email from the phone anymore, the aerial is broken.
I lost my phone on the way home.
I sent it for repair, currently using the phone they gave me.
So I am wondering what would be the excuse this time. Can you guess?

Why make excuses, just spit it out the truth? What do you think? Would you like to make excuses all the time or would you like to just spit out the truth?

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October 4, 2008

Its Saturday, thinking that woke up at 8am, had things planned

But things didn't go smoothly in the morning, but thats fine. I can make it work. I woke up checked my inbox, I saw 3 emails from Nhas...Out of those 3, 2 were pictures of my brothers and sisters. Looking at those pictures, I missed them, not that I do not miss them. I was so happy to see everyone, grown up, all were looking so nice, happy. I wished, I was there too to have fun with all of them. Hopefully soon.....But I sure was happy to see them so happy, altogether.

Miss you all my darling brothers and sisters.

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Past few weeks have been extremely busy

But overall, these few days were more busier, crazier than I thought it would be. I actually realized how stressed I was, I was scared and a scary thought came to my mind, thats the scariest feelings one could ever have. I am staying positive and hoping days like that will never come in life.

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