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Hungry all day, its not that I didn't eat

This morning, I had 2 slices of whole wheat bread with butter and jam. I drank a bit of green tea with it. Around 12pm, I got hungry. Then I had rice, salmon curry,boiled broccoli and 2 boiled egg white. Even after eating so much, I felt hungry for some reason. Then again in another 2 hours, I felt hungry, I guess not enough protein. Then I had a banana, again got hungry, again had a banana so finally I ate 3 bananas. I was still hungry, its 6pm by that time. I had a little bit of beans, didn't help me.

I finally had 2 slices of bread with boca burger with hot sauce, spinach, red onion and red pepper in it. It was awesome, however I still feel hungry. Now my choice is to eat some garlic trisket, and if I still feel hungry, my choice is water. I am little annoyed by how hungry I am today. Well, I am going to try to eat only protein and see what happens. Sometimes I feel like I should eat meat, I will get more protein and I will get less hungry, but in the bright side, I am happy without eating meat. But I do not want to be hungry all the time.


Love it! there are actually the occasional two paragraph blog posts on my blog still I'm just too damn wordy otherwise.

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