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I just want to scream hard, don't know what else to do

I so much want to go home, stay there for 2 weeks, but I didn't buy the ticket yet. Its confusing, its sad, stressful. Sometimes pointless thinking about it. Can't even think of more words to type. I guess this is where I end this entry today. Some other time.


I also had dreamt of u being @ home this december in my presence....unfortunately our luck didnt support us...For u it was the ticket and for me the results....but still u have the chance to get cheaper tickets....its gonna b gr8 more for u coz its been a long time u've been to nepal and for dai its been years...its sad to hear that u want to cry hard but u cant....its not that differnt out here...@ times i do feel the same thing ...i do feel like to cry aloud but tears dont roll down and to scream ...discipline must b maintained.....write later...

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