December 28, 2008

Holiday season this year

I had plans to go home, travel a little too. But things didn't work out this way or that. I then thought I will travel internally and again I was not sure if I wanted to do that either. I waited, waited, when the time came, I decided I am not going anywhere. With my vacation, company holiday and weekend, altogether it was 9 days long. First weekend past, then it was Monday, I went to the mall, different stores, I didn't find anything that I wanted or needed. I was super tired after walking all day long.

I went home after 4.30pm. I stayed home the next few days. All I did was, watched movies, cooked, ate, went to gym. But it was the best vacation and days off ever, so relaxing. I am glad I didn't go anywhere. And yesterday, I went out, to the mall where I haven't been before. I found coat which I wanted to buy. I bought two coats. I am happy that I waited and hoping I got very good deals for those brand.

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December 23, 2008

I didn't realize until now that I have started to like brown so much

The color itself is not the best but when you look at the brown jacket, tops, jewelery, they are awesome. The first time I ever remember wearing brown is when I received a brown sweats, as a gift. I liked it but it wasn't my color at all. I wore it, as a matter of fact, I still do wear it.

The next brown color clothing, I remember buying is a jacket(kinda like leather). Then the next thing, I bought was a formal pant, which is a mixture different colors, but more brown in it. Its a sweet light brown color. Then I bought brown winter coat last year, received a brown purse as a gift, its brown with light golden color in it. I love it. Oops I missed to mention I had bought a halter top and medium heel shoes, both are still brand new, I haven't worn it yet.However, I do wear my brown sun glass and brown necklace.

This year, I bought brown dressy top, brown string top, silver light brown mixed another dressy top very cute...I bought dress brown in with white very cute, cotton brown dress mixed with white, golden and other. So, far everything brown, I own are awesome looking. Every time I wear them, I hear how cute, beautiful and so so they are. So, getting back to the point, yesterday I was in a store, I saw a coat, they call it jacket, its best to wear with formal pant. Oh, that was so hot, sweet, cute everything. I picked it up but I didn't buy it.

My brother even asked me, you tend to have so many brown stuff hehe....I don't wear all brown together, when I wear it I wear it nicely.

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December 14, 2008

Yummy, tasty, mouth watering haha...

This morning, after doing grocery came home, cooked lunch around 1.15 or so. Some chicken, lentil, salmon, cauliflower and mushroom. Yummy every thing was so good. Thinking about the food, my mouth is watering. I feel like digging a piece of salmon from the fridge he he. I have started to feel hungry too.

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I thought feelings remained unexpressed, words remained unspoken

It was true for a while, but finally words and feelings got the chance to get expressed and spoken. It felt good, hopefully it won't happen again. So, call this morning made it better. However, I so much want to find out how ........I hope to find out soon.

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I was talking to Subi today over the msn, I didn't know what was going on

I sent her message, she explained what was going on. I felt bad, I have been through enough of those, I didn't have anyone to tell those things. I had to keep inside me. But finding out things like that is going on with my friend, I felt bad. I had to call her, I had a card left, I didn't care how many minutes my card would give. I dialed her number, the first card would only give 4 minutes, so I called her from a different card.

I had not talked to her for a long time, it felt good to listen to her problems. I hope things will be fine with her.

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So much to say so much to write, but where is the time to write all those

Friday the Dec 5th, was a company holiday party. The place where it was held was a classy, pretty awesome place. Guthrie Theater, it was beautiful, it was my first time but was a wonderful experience. It would have been nice to watch the view of downtown in the day time though. The food was great, the place was great, the time was great. It was a nice night out for few hours after so much of school work and so many other stuff.

For few hours, I forgot all my stress, and just enjoyed those moments. The moment was priceless. Need those moments, relaxation quite often.

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