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I didn't realize until now that I have started to like brown so much

The color itself is not the best but when you look at the brown jacket, tops, jewelery, they are awesome. The first time I ever remember wearing brown is when I received a brown sweats, as a gift. I liked it but it wasn't my color at all. I wore it, as a matter of fact, I still do wear it.

The next brown color clothing, I remember buying is a jacket(kinda like leather). Then the next thing, I bought was a formal pant, which is a mixture different colors, but more brown in it. Its a sweet light brown color. Then I bought brown winter coat last year, received a brown purse as a gift, its brown with light golden color in it. I love it. Oops I missed to mention I had bought a halter top and medium heel shoes, both are still brand new, I haven't worn it yet.However, I do wear my brown sun glass and brown necklace.

This year, I bought brown dressy top, brown string top, silver light brown mixed another dressy top very cute...I bought dress brown in with white very cute, cotton brown dress mixed with white, golden and other. So, far everything brown, I own are awesome looking. Every time I wear them, I hear how cute, beautiful and so so they are. So, getting back to the point, yesterday I was in a store, I saw a coat, they call it jacket, its best to wear with formal pant. Oh, that was so hot, sweet, cute everything. I picked it up but I didn't buy it.

My brother even asked me, you tend to have so many brown stuff hehe....I don't wear all brown together, when I wear it I wear it nicely.


Hehehheheh.....Now as u seem to adore alot of brown stuffs....u will prob'bly go for a brown guy with a brown sirname....so congrats.......Mrs.Browny....hahahha....justkiddin....Mrs.Browny.Mrs.Browny.Hehhe

I really hope you will keep on posting good blogs. Thanks and Goodluck


I love brown too!

works for UPS why not for you.

good luck go brown and go green

Brown, shades of brown are my favorite! Do you have any photos?

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