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I was talking to Subi today over the msn, I didn't know what was going on

I sent her message, she explained what was going on. I felt bad, I have been through enough of those, I didn't have anyone to tell those things. I had to keep inside me. But finding out things like that is going on with my friend, I felt bad. I had to call her, I had a card left, I didn't care how many minutes my card would give. I dialed her number, the first card would only give 4 minutes, so I called her from a different card.

I had not talked to her for a long time, it felt good to listen to her problems. I hope things will be fine with her.


Who subi?....?

really liked your post! We are especially different so why shouldn't our blogs all show a discrepancy? One size does not always fit all.

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