January 20, 2009

On November 4th,08, I said "Oh my god what is she wearing".

Once again today I had to say the same thing, not once but twice in a day. I think I might have to find a designer for Michelle Obama. She does not know at all what to wear. I mean you can wear anything simple and look dashing. She proved today that, she has a horrible taste when it comes to clothing. Definitely needs couple of designers, who will tell what to wear.

I think " What not to wear" needs to go help. Otherwise, she will be remembered as a first lady with horrible clothing taste. Good luck to Obama family.

But I do have to add few lines for the Clinton family. The day Hilary Clinton announced her candidacy I was so happy. I was following the polls closely, but the day she dropped her name as a presidential candidate, I was sad. I so much wanted another Clinton to be the president. A lady president would have been an example. But I was disappointed, and once again on the election day. After hearing the result, I was still saying Hilary would have been the one but all that remained a dream, wish.......

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January 10, 2009

Time flew by and its been almost 11 years.

Sometimes I ask myself, why am I standing in that point after almost 11 years. So many things have changed in life, so many things have changed in the world, so many people have changed, but I am there, thinking about that and waiting one day. Weird as it is, but I just want to move forward with it. I want to discuss about it.

Willi it going to come ever? Hopefully won't be too late.

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January 9, 2009

Excited for my two friends,it was surprising and shocking at the same time

I talked to Y...one of my friends, I found out the interesting things going on in her life. I was happy, so happy to hear all those things. Then in the evening, I got a call from a friend. She said, I am getting married with so and so, are you coming. I was like how, when, so sudden. I can't believe this is happening, who is the guy. I am so happy for her, now its my time to start checking for ticket.

Tickets being expensive, I am just thinking what to do. Overall, everything is good news. And being able to talk to my sister has been great. We talk so much day and night almost everyday. I have been happy.

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With me being sick, there were some interesting things happen

I got an email with a you tube link, it was amazing what I watched. I couldn't believe an African man speaking Nepali. So, fluent, with such a good accent.

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January 4, 2009

All I want these days is to stay home and relax.

I do want to go out, do stuff but staying home, relaxing is my favorite, unusual for me but the truth at this point. From last weekend, I didn't get good sleep, awake many times at night. Then work week started, I was however glad that Thursday was a holiday. I slept for longer, did nothing but stayed home. On Friday, when I woke up, I was not feeling great. I went to workt. I came home, I was tired and my left nostril was blocked. I slept okay at night.

On Saturday, all day, it was blocked, by evening, I had got sick. I took cough and flu syrup and went to bed. Didn't get good sleep and after having breakfast, went to bed at 9.30am, I got a good sleep though, and woke up little after noon. I did some dishes, did some cooking, had lunch around 2 or so. Took medicine, and tried to fall asleep instead got headache. Now my whole body is aching and I am not feeling worse, cold has captured my body.

My only worry right now is, I wanted to get some work done to show tomorrow at work. But I don't think I will be able to go to work. I really don't like taking sick leave and on top, its the beginning of new year. They say, when you are sick you are sick. But I don't know I feel very bad when I have to take sick leave. If I don't feel good, I usually work from home, and take sick leave seldom. But, if I work tomorrow, I might get really sick.

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